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The Virtual Buzz at IBC Starts to Look Real

The Virtual Buzz at IBC Starts to Look Real

IBC suppliers as well as studio/network executives and filmmakers discussed how they will develop and test new ways to distribute film and TV content to people everywhere, anytime

There was a lot of discussion about VR, 360 and how quickly both flavors will be unleashed at this year’s IBC (International Broadcast Conference) in Amsterdam.
But there were also more fundamental issues that faced many of the exhibitors and visitors:
-        How quickly and at what cost broadcasters can upgrade their systems to deliver all of their content over IP (internet protocol)
-        Who’s going to survive with all of the digital content people launching services/content?
-        How will providers meet the consumers’ new expectations?
Folks around the globe voted with their eyes that they wanted OTT (over the top) content rather than regularly scheduled programs – there were more than three times the streaming viewers than network viewers.
The writing is on the wall for content/service providers…people want to make up their own viewing schedules and watch the stuff on whatever device is in front of them.
As a result, there was a lot of discussion at IBC on how organizations create, collaborate and deliver rich, immersive content … quickly.

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