New Technology Isn’t Always Better, Just More

“Tomorrow the birds will sing.”

Sure,  the new iPhone may look sexier than that iPhone 3 you have in your desk drawer, but does it make better calls, deliver text messages faster, grab your emails or let you get to your favorite website any better? Last year, the U.S. auto industry reported record sales and now they’re pushing all the new self-driving, self-parking, self-serving technologies; but is all that going to make a difference?  The average car on the road is still 10 years old. It’s paid for, gets you from point A to point B (and back) and a regular mechanic can work on it for you. Recent Edmunds and Nielsen reports found the connected generations were less interested in having a car than their parents.  They’d rather focus on minor things like home loan payments/rent, healthcare, food, utilities, taxes, family vacations and dinner out now and then. Does the new integrated audio system give me better sound or what I need to relax and withdraw? Some “old technology” just can’t be replaced by advanced digital manipulation. When the record is finished and the book has been read, I’ll be ready to attack the next day knowing The Tramp was right, “Tomorrow the birds will sing.”

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