Live Sports in the Times of Corona - First Live Sport Events Confirmed

Live Sports in the Times of Corona - First Live Sport Events Confirmed

A) German pay-television broadcaster Sky Deutschland has announced that it will make its  ‘Konferenz’ coverage of Bundesliga and second-tier 2. Bundesliga matches available on a free-to-air basis for the next two match-weeks. The decision comes after the announcement that all upcoming Bundesliga matches will be taking place without spectators due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.


B) The players and members of training staffs reported by the PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa football clubs have successfully passed the COV-19 virus tests. All the clubs have also got consent for resumption of team trainings and went back to playing.

- We already have the results of all the tests. They are very optimistic. In 800 of those tested, only one test result indicated tentatively an active COVID-19 infection, affirmed in two subsequent tests. However, it had no bearings on the club, because the person was neither a player nor a member of the training staff – said Professor Krzysztof Pawlaczyk, member of the Medical Commission of the Polish Football Association and medical expert of the Ekstraklasa. – We succeeded in early tracking that case thanks to ongoing analysis of our medical surveys. The person has not had any contacts with the players. It only shows that our introduction of sports isolation and daily medical questionnaires makes a good sense. The clubs have to strictly adhere to the procedure until the last games of the season - added he.

C) Two weeks ago it  was planned to run the first Dutch Grand Prix for 35 years, and Max Verstappen’s first home Grand Prix in the Netherlands

But with the race was postponed because of the current health circumstances, instead Verstappen and his teammate Alex Albon went on a special road trip to Circuit Zandvoort in two Red Bull Racing RB7s and RB8s. Here is all you need to know: This eye-catching road trip starts by driving out of shipping containers at Rotterdam docks.

D) Formula 1 myWorld Grosser Preis von Österreich 2020 - 03. - 05. July 2020

Whether and how the "Formula 1 myWorld Grand Prix of Austria 2020" can be held on the planned date depends on further developments and the decisions of the federal government.