Update: Huge fire destroys NEP Visions building and some OBVans

Following the fire at NEP Visions’ Bracknell premises on the night of 3 November 2015, it has been confirmed that the mobile units destroyed in the fire were:
-    three large OB units: NEP Visions’ Gemini, HD3 and HD2
-    one small OB unit: Observe’s HD3
-    one VT truck

NEP UK / Ireland still has 16 HD OB units and 9 VT / support trucks remaining in full operation. In addition, NEP has 32 more HD OB units nearby in Europe. All events and productions scheduled for the weekend, including Premiership and Championship Football, WWE and Channel 4 Racing, will be serviced.

Keith Andrews, President and COO, NEP Broadcasting, has flown in to the UK to look at medium and long-term actions related to logistics, facilities and equipment, while Steve Jenkins, President, NEP UK & Ireland, will remain focused on clients and employees.


Jenkins said, “The response to this event is a testament to the NEP family’s resilience and team spirit in the face of adversity. It is also a strong demonstration of how our industry pulls together in difficult times.  We are confident in our ability to continue serving our clients in both the short-term and long-term, thanks to the rest of the NEP Worldwide Network and the immediate help of our industry partners.”

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

NEP Visions is the largest independent outside broadcast facilities company in the UK and amongst the largest in Europe, with over 30 years’ experience of delivering first class outside broadcast facilities and services for the production of television in all genres across the world. A leader in HD production facilities, having been involved in its first HD productions in 2003 and at the forefront of the development of this standard ever since, Visions has one of Europe's most extensive range of OB and production facilities providing the very latest in technical standards, including 3D. Its facilities include a fleet of OB trucks plus edit facilities, extensive HD OB fly-pack facilities, production offices, studio facilities and much more. Visions’ extensive list of credits includes the Olympic Games, football and rugby World Cups, host facilities provider to the Asian Games, Premier League and Champions League football and a host of music and light entertainment events all over the world. NEP Visions is an NEP Broadcasting Company.


NEP provides the technology and know-how to enable clients to produce the worlds’ biggest live and broadcast events around the globe.  The company is the leading worldwide provider of outsourced production solutions offering technical services for remote production, studio production, video display, host broadcasting and post production.  NEP’s team of over 1,500 employees are driven by passion and a focus on technical innovation, and together they have supported productions in over 65 countries on all seven continents.  Headquartered in the United States, NEP has offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates and Australia.