NEP Forms New Group Dedicated to Supporting Major International Events

NEP is Drawing on Their Extensive Worldwide Network

NEP Group Inc. (‘NEP’) announced that they have formed a new business unit dedicated to supporting the broadcasting needs of major international events.  This new major projects group will leverage the company’s worldwide assets to provide a variety of broadcast and event solutions around the globe uniquely coupling NEP’s flypack capabilities with its host broadcasting capabilities.

NEP CEO, Kevin Rabbitt said, “We see a growing market for major international events that require more than a standard OB.   Since our founding, NEP has provided custom, high-quality broadcast infrastructure, technical support and host broadcast services for these types of events, but this new team will allow us to provide a dedicated service line focused solely on these major international events and projects.  With the ability to draw from our exceptional worldwide network, our new major projects group will be able to provide industry-leading solutions to our clients no matter where they go.”

NEP’s new major projects group will draw on their worldwide team of over 600 engineers and technical experts to help create custom solutions for each project.  NEP’s pool of talent includes experts in broadcast engineering; infrastructure design and systems integration; technical management and logistics management; workflow and cloud-based production solutions; post-production solutions and more. 


“NEP is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive broadcast solutions for major international events around the world.  We offer local support around the globe, the industry’s largest pool of resources, and leading technical expertise,” Said NEP’s COO, Keith Andrews.  “Additionally, we have proven experience providing in-depth solutions for broadcasters and organizing committees at events such as the Commonwealth Games, the G20 Summit in Brisbane, Asian Games in Doha and Almaty, Wimbledon and many, many more.”

As part of this new major projects group, NEP is forming a dedicated team in Europe.   NEP has tapped Brian Clark to be Sales Director, and lead the engagement with their clients and partners for this new initiative.  Mr. Clark formerly served as the Director of Commercial and Technical Projects for NEP’s UK team.  He will work in tandem with a Project Director who will have a commercial and technical focus.  NEP is currently recruiting for the Project Director position.