Stage Tec's AURUS platinum with new audio processing functions at prolight+sound

Stage Tec's AURUS platinum with new audio processing functions at prolight+sound

AURUS platinum with new audio processing functions

Stage Tec, the Berlin based manufacturer of professional audio equipment based, is presenting several new audio processing functions in AURUS platinum at prolight+sound (stand 3.1/G83). All the new functions will be installed with software release 4.3.

AURUS platinum will provide an auto mixer based on gain sharing. This auto mixer from Stage Tec is fully integrated into the console's design and can be used in every input channel. All processing functions utilised previously will continue to be available in full. For better overview and more flexibility, the Stage Tec auto mixer provides four separate groups.

Another new highlight is available in the AURUS platinum scene automation: It is now possible to configure crossfade curves and times individually for each channel. Available in AURUS platinum, this function is one of the most important in scene switching and is especially sought-after by theatres. This function will also be available in AURUS with this release.


Stage Tec announced at the Tonmeistertagung that loudness metering in accordance with EBU R128 is provided in the AURUS platinum sums. Now, loudness metering is also available in the group channels. When employing the loudness function, no channel capacity is lost and all modules in the channels remain available – an unrivalled achievement.

Visit Stage Tec at prolight+sound: Stand 3.1/G83!

About Stage Tec:

An independent company based in Berlin, Germany, Stage Tec Entwicklungsgesellschaft für professionelle Audiotechnik GmbH has specialised in developing and manufacturing digital audio equipment. Its flagship products include the digital routers NEXUS and NEXUS STAR as well as the professional mixing consoles AURUS platinum, CRESCENDO platinum, AURATUS and ON AIR flex.

Assisted by a business partner, Stage Tec was established in 1993 by 13 engineers (nearly all of whom still work there). The company is headed by Dr. Helmut Jahne, who was one of the founding members of the Stage Tec team and who continues to drive the technological supremacy of the product lines.

A leading pioneer in the transition from analogue to digital audio technology, Stage Tec has an international reputation and raised the bar in digital audio technology with a continuous stream of developments and innovations. Today, Stage Tec offers a comprehensive range of products ranging from the smallest to the largest of mixing consoles.