Arrow III server added 662/772 configurations in 3G-SDI mode

Now the Replay and Recording server Arrow III with 3G-SDI signals supports 6 recording + 6 search + 2 playback channels + FX.

The technologies keep moving forward, and the tasks and requirements that modern sports broadcasts impose on replay servers are becoming more and more complex.

As strives to give its users the ability to meet new tasks with minimal additional cost, our affordable entry-level server Arrow III became more powerful and flexible when working with 3G-SDI signals.


Now the users of Arrow III systems with built-in SSD array can remotely add 3G support (software license) when it's needed. In 3G mode the server is capable to work in 662 (6 recording + 6 search + 2 playback channels) and 772 (7 recording + 7 search + 2 playback channels) configurations.

The improved performance in replay mode while maintaining its compact size (2U, 15 kg) has made Arrow III servers an excellent tool for working at sporting events, various shows, and even ESports competitions, for which 3G-SDI support is the main criteria for server choice.


The increase in the number of 3G channels has given more opportunities to work with SSM cameras, the use of which has already become an integral part of most broadcasts. We can confidently say that the Arrow III is a truly convenient and affordable tool for including SSM replays in the broadcast.

The SSD-based video array improves server’s performance and speed in replay mode, as well as makes the system more reliable when working in difficult conditions.


The Arrow III server (SSD) comes with a new-generation remote control panel - Control ZR. With 51 RGB backlit buttons, it provides direct access to all cameras and most functions and allows the operator to instantly find and replay any moment.