Broadcast Solutions GmbH Signs Distribution Agreement with, Inc.

Michael Gilman, (left) and Stefan Breder (right) after signing the agreement

System integrator and OB-Van specialist Broadcast Solutions GmbH, Germany and Inc., USA today have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for sales and marketing of’s innovative line of instant replay multi-channel recording systems for broadcasting and TV studio production. The contract was signed during the annual “Open House” event at Broadcast Solutions headquarters in Bingen, Germany.

Michael Gilman, CEO of Slomo.TV, Inc. says: “It’s a milestone for us and I’m glad that our products will be represented by such strong partner as Broadcast Solutions. I also believe that this will bring new technological opportunities to TV production and broadcast industry.”

Stefan Breder, CEO of Broadcast Solutions says:”This distribution contract is marking another important step in development of a reliable and innovative product portfolio. We are very pleased to represent Slomo.TV, Inc. in the years to come.


The smallest replay machine in the world
1 RU high / 32 cm depth / 7 kg / 44 hours of full HD video
SSD storage for unprecedented speed and reliability
Flexible and powerfull interface for clips and playlist editing and management
DVCPro 50 codec for SD
DVCPro 100 codec for HD

3 inputs HD/SD SDI, LTC timecode input, genlock input (black burst and tristates)
1 output HD/SD SDI with embedded audio
Up to 8 channels embedded audio per SDI input
RS422 ports for control console "Control Z"
GPIO for mixer/automation integration
DVI/HDMI interface for LCD monitor allows simultaneously:
Recording of 3 channels
Search on all 3 channels of recorded video
Playback of 2 clips from playlist with transition between them

Interface with multiviewer capability always displays the following "video monitor" windows:
3 input video signals (live)
3 recorded video signals for searches or playback


The basic configuration provides:
66 hours of SD video
33 hours of HD video
Optional: 99 hours of SD or 50 hours of HD video

About Slomo.TV, Inc.
Slomo.TV, Inc. is a California based company providing tapeless technology to TV studio production, sports and broadcasting. Slomo family of products includes Simple R, Fulcrum, Dominator, BlackJack, and integrated with wireless cameras videoReferee®.

About Broadcast Solutions GmbH
Broadcast Solutions GmbH is a systems integrator and sales-and-service partner for the International broadcast market situated near Frankfurt, Germany as well as in Dubai. Broadcast Solutions specializes in video, audio, networks and control systems, as well as satellite communications through its subsidiary ProSat Solutions.  The company's core competence is the customized design and manufacture of fixed Broadcast infrastructure, DSNG vehicles and OB vans. In recent years, Broadcast Solutions GmbH has built more than 200 OB vans, production studios and uplink and downlink stations.