Sennheiser at IBC2015

Sennheiser announces a new highlight for its ENG portfolio and showcases Sennheiser and Neumann broadcast equipment in four ‘audio worlds’

Four distinctive audio worlds await visitors at the joint Sennheiser and Neumann IBC stand in Hall 8 (#D50). Visitors can experience ‘ENG world’ where Sennheiser will preview a brandnew wireless product, a typical radio station environment, a TV broadcast studio and a dedicated sports broadcasting set-up: four showcases that together provide a complete overview of the two audio companies’ tailor-made solutions.

Electronic News Gathering
ENG world will show the full scope of typical electronic newsgathering situations, from high-end broadcasting teams to small video crews and ‘one-man shows’.

For expert broadcasting teams, wireless microphone systems for camera use from Sennheiser’s 5000, 3000 and 2000 series will be on show. “For this segment, we will be previewing a stunning new wireless product at IBC,” said Anders Laybourn, Marketing Manager, Sennheiser Broadcast & Media.
Small production teams will find Sennheiser’s AVX digital wireless systems an ideal choice. Launched earlier this year at NAB, the new systems have convinced users across the globe with their strikingly compact plug-on receiver, exceptional ease of use and fast set-up.
For mobile journalism, Sennheiser will showcase its most portable ENG audio solutions: the ClipMic digital and MKE 2 digital clip-on microphones which connect directly to iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® touch devices, turning them into an ENG tool that is always at hand. The clip-on mics were developed in cooperation with A/D conversion specialists Apogee Electronics.


Mobile journalism benefits from compact solutions such as the ClipMic digital and MKE 2 digital

Radio Station
A typical radio station set-up helps to demo Neumann’s most successful microphones for this environment: the BCM 104, TLM 102 and TLM 107, with the classic U 87 as an additional heritage exhibit. Sennheiser HD 26 Pro and HD 650 headphones and Neumann KH 120 monitor speakers as well as a Neumann KH 810 subwoofer round off the studio recreation.


TV Broadcast Studio
A typical TV talkshow ‘studio’ and control room serve to showcase the highest-quality Sennheiser and Neumann broadcast equipment, from Digital 9000, Sennheiser’s ultimate digital wireless system, to Neumann KH 310 monitor speakers. Also on show are wired microphones for studio use, such as the table-top Sennheiser MKH 8050 and ME 36 models as well as Neumann KM 185, and Sennheiser broadcast headsets. For presenters, the studio environment features the classic MKE 40 clip-on mic and the new Headmic 1, which was recently launched at InfoComm in June.

Sports Broadcasting
“Sports broadcasting is an area that drives many innovations in the broadcasting segment, therefore it is given a special focus within our IBC presence,” explained Anders Laybourn. The highlight will be Esfera, Sennheiser’s surround sound system which creates a fully-fledged 5.1 sound from a two-channel signal. Mounted onto a camera or installed in a stadium, the compact Esfera microphone can be operated just like any rugged stereo microphone – whose sound can then be converted to 5.1 at any point in the workflow. “The system is very much comparable to the human ears and brain,” explained Laybourn. “Esfera ‘hears’ through two microphones, and its separate processing unit turns the mic sound into a surround image, very much like our brain does with the sounds the ears pick up.”


Sennheiser and Neumann shotgun microphones as well as broadcast headsets round off the products on show.
Visit Sennheiser and Neumann in the IBC’s Audio Hall, Hall 8, Stand No. D50