VOGO SPORT at Stade du Hameau, Pau for 2015-2016 Season

Section Paloise Béarn Pyrénées Rugby Club, TOTAL, and VOGO Deploy VOGO SPORT at Stade du Hameau, Pau for 2015-2016 Season

Starting Dec. 4, fans at the Stade du Hameau in Pau, France, will enjoy TOP14 rugby matches in an interactive and immersive environment provided by the VOGO SPORT mobile sports replay application. Throughout the current season, the Section Paloise Béarn Pyrénées rugby club and its sponsoring partner TOTAL will offer VOGO SPORT to spectators in the V.I.P. section, allowing them to use their smartphones to watch events from several different video camera views live and in real time from the comfort of their seats.

VOGO SPORT is supplied by VOGO, a leader in mobile technology products that offer compelling media experiences for in-venue spectators and an all-new, high-touch marketing outlet for sponsors. Section fans can download the free VOGO SPORT app from the Apple® App Store® or from the Google Play™ store prior to all home matches. The app enables them to zoom in real time or stop the live action, and they can relive their favorite actions in normal speed or slow-motion replay.

"VOGO SPORT adds tremendous value in live sports entertainment," said Christophe Carniel, VOGO co-founder. "Rugby is an exciting sport and VOGO SPORT makes it ever more exciting for fans by helping them capture and replay all of the great moments in a match."


"As a major sponsor of the Section rugby club, TOTAL wants to offer spectators in the Stade du Hameau an innovative digital experience throughout the season. This is a first in France for the TOP14 Rugby Championship," said Denis Palluat de Besset, vice president general administration of TOTAL Scientific and Technical Center, located in Pau. "TOTAL, the Section rugby club, and VOGO, are thrilled to offer such advanced digital technology through a new and immersive way to engage fans at Stade du Hameau in Pau. We're looking forward to kicking off the season together with the Section rugby club rivaling the Parisian club Racing 92 on December 4."

"With VOGO SPORT, we're engaging our fans on a whole new level," said Sandra Savio, director, Section rugby club. "With this new service, TOTAL is leveraging the Stade du Hameau's advanced technology infrastructure to create an even more exciting and entertaining experience for our fans onsite by enhancing the way they watch and interact with their team."
TOTAL, the Section Paloise, and VOGO worked closely with and would like to thank the Communauté d'Agglomération Pau-Pyrénées, owners of the Stade du Hameau, as well as the National Rugby League and Canal+ for making the installation possible.


About Section Paloise Béarn Pyrénées
The Section, in full Section Paloise Béarn Pyrénées, is a French rugby union club from Pau in Pyrénées-Atlantiques competing in TOP14, the highest level of the French league system. The club's home base is at Stade du Hameau in Pau, France.

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About VOGO
VOGO is a leader in mobile technology products that offer a compelling media experience for in-venue spectators and an all-new, high-touch marketing outlet for sponsors. The company's VOGO SPORT is an application for mobile devices that enables immersive and enhanced viewing of live stadium sports and other arena events. With VOGO SPORT on their smartphones or tablets, spectators can watch the action live and in real time from several different camera views, and from the comfort of their seats. VOGO SPORT is a game-changer for sponsors, offering a powerful new outlet for in-venue advertising and promotions. In addition, venue owners can outfit VOGO SPORT in any stadium or sports venue without a significant outlay in IT infrastructure. Since the launch of VOGO SPORT in 2014, VOGO has covered many high-profile and international championships in partnership with broadcasters, event management companies, and sports associations and teams.