Elation Again Used to Decorate Multiple Stages at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas

Hundreds of Elation lighting fixtures were used again this year on Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, North America’s largest dance music festival, with the latest incarnation of the electronic rave taking place June 19-21 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Lighting supply companies Visions Lighting, AG Production Services, Felix Lighting and Pro Systems all supplied Elation gear to the Vegas version of EDC with many of this year’s awe-inspiring lighting and stage looks again by SJ Lighting.

With over 400,000 attendees for the 3-day event, producers Insomniac brought in some of the world's biggest EDM artists and production talent to supply the heart-thumping atmosphere. Elation products wowed massive crowds on Stage 7 (Pro Systems), Bass Pod (Visions Lighting), Circuit Grounds (AG Lighting) and Cosmic Meadow (Felix Lighting) stages with several of Elation’s newest luminaires getting in on the act.


The lighting design for Cosmic Meadow, Circuit Grounds and Bass Pod all included Elation’s new Colour Chorus 72, a 72-inch long LED batten wash light with 288x 3W RGBA LEDs used to floodlight the stage and set in decorative washes of bright color. On Cosmic Meadow, SJ Lighting hung Colour Chorus 72 fixtures facing the audience as an LED strip detail to exploit and outline the shape of the scenery. More Colour Chorus 72s were placed on the downstage edge of the deck and focused upstage in order to uplight performers.


On Circuit Grounds, SJ Lighting placed Colour Chorus 72 fixtures vertically on the back wall between sections of video. The units were focused out towards the audience in order to break up the video elements while offering a vertical LED detail that showed off the shape of the back wall. More Colour Chorus 72s on the downstage edge of the deck were focused upstage to uplight performers walking around on stage. Built with a rugged die-cast aluminum exterior, the Colour Chorus 72 is just one in a series of four new Colour Chorus batten washes.


The Bass Pod stage saw a clean sweep of new Elation lights with mid-air lighting effects from the versatile Platinum SBX hybrid moving head and eye-catching beam looks from the new Platinum BX, both powerful touring luminaires that feature the new Platinum 17RA 350W lamp from Philips. Visions Lighting used a combination of Elation Colour Chorus and Elation E Pars to color the scenic pieces while the remainder of the fixtures were dedicated to the audience experience. Elation’s new high-powered 80,000 lumen LED strobe, the Protron 3K, also played an important role by keeping the mood charged with blinding bursts of electric energy. On Stage 7, Elation’s new SixPar 200 PAR color changer and its high-power six-color LED lens laid down dynamic color washes across a massive stage, working with Elation’s industry-standard beam light, the Platinum Beam 5R. 

Circuit Grounds:
Colour Chorus 72
Opti Tri 30

Cosmic Meadow:
Platinum Beam 5R
Cuepix Blinder WW4
Colour Chorus 72

Bass Pod :
Platinum SBX
Platinum BX
Colour Chorus 72
Protron 3K LED Strobe
E Par Tri
Antari F-7 Smaze
Antari HZ 500
Antari Z 1500 Series 2

Stage 7:
SixPar 200
Platinum Beam 5R


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