LiveXpert Adopts NewTek NDI for IP Production Workflow

Make the Switch to IP with LiveXpert, solutions for live and sports video productions

3D Storm, distributor of LiveXpert solutions, announces the adoption of NewTek’s open Network Device Interface (NDI™) for DELTA-stat IP, FingerWorksand LiveCG Football.  With NDI enabled, LiveXpert solutions will be recognizable as a source by other NDI-enabled devices and systems connected to a standard Ethernet local area network, exponentially increasing the number of video sources available for live production.

Sports solutions are the first LiveXpert tools to be NDI ready. Adopting a new standard for live video production over the network DELTA-stat IP, FingerWorks and LiveCG Football can communicate with other systems over IP, encode, transmit and receive streams of high quality in real-time. NDI is a royalty free software developer kit (SDK) for anyone who wants to enable IP workflows in their production.
LiveCG Football 2.0 enters the field @BVE.

The new version of LiveCG Football, the software application dedicated to football scoring, timing, statistics… will be showcased @BVE. LiveCG Football new version features the following enhancements:
·    Extended support for NewTek TriCaster™ and 3Play™, implementation of NDI protocol to connect to multiple NDI devices at the same time, with one license
·    Support for SDI card
·    Support for computer graphic output
·    Enhanced GUI giving better interactivity for Live operation.
·    Preview window


The other enhancements include:
·    Extended players and teams database.
·    Remote LiveCG Football license connected to the main license, in order to display different graphics at the same time on multiple screens.
·    Optional OPTA connection.

DELTA-stat IP, the complete turnkey solution, manufactured by DELTACAST, is dedicated to generate and display graphics for multisport live productions such as pre-game animations and presentations, clocks, animated scores, statistics management, actions, referee decisions… Already supporting NewTek AirSendTM protocol, connecting to TriCaster and 3Play with an Ethernet cable, without using video inputs, DELTA-stat IP now supports NewTek NDI protocol.  


FingerWorks is an intuitive telestration tool, based on a touchscreen user interface, for TriCaster and 3Play users, for real-time news and sports programs. FingerWorks also supports both AirSend and NDI protocols, to work in complete IP workflows.

To see LiveXpert solutions in action, visit us @BVE2016, on stand N20!

3D Storm is the official distributor of NewTek and LiveXpert products. Member of the NewTek Developer Network, LiveXpert solutions for Sports scoring and statistics, graphics management and social media integration, round out control room equipment in TV studios and conference facilities, mobile control rooms for entertainment and sports events, as well as outside broadcast vans.