BroaMan Route66 Autorouter Provides All-Format Networking

Set to make debut with Wigwam Acoustics on Coldplay European tour

BroaMan has announced a new version of its Route66 video router, now offering AutoRouter and smart fibre patch bay.

This additional functionality is powered by Optocore, well known OEM provider of industry standards and formats, making it ideal not only for Installation (where there are multiple connection points, including mobile devices) but equally for Live Events or Broadcast. Optocore is a leading OEM manufacturer for audio networks, producing network modules for other manufacturers to connect their products to an advanced audio network.

The Auto Routing is compatible with Optocore and DiGiCo fibre loops, creating a redundant ‘star’ out of ring topology.

The Route66 Auto Router automatically discovers mobile and remote devices and closes the Optocore loop — this does not need to be carried out manually as the system is always redundant

The new Route66 Auto Router also works as an intelligent fibre patchbay, creating plug and play solutions. Features include third party protocol switching — in other words it can patch fibre streams regardless of protocol (eg MADI, Studer A-link). It can replace a conventional patchbay, where the user needs to manually patch fibre tie-lines, with patch-points set within the Optocore control software. It will also enable the homing consoles via its dedicated stagebox.


Set up as a dedicated supplier for broadcast and installation, BroaMan solutions are increasingly being found in the Installation market, including theatres, airports, halls and houses of worship.

However, first adopter of the new system is one of Optocore/BroaMan’s long-term rental partners, premier UK audio production company Wigwam Acoustics. After extensive testing and training, they will be debuting the system on the European leg of the Coldplay tour, commencing in May 24.

States Wigwam Acoustics’ Digital Audio Technical Specialist, Alex Hadjigeorgiou, “Having worked closely with the Optocore/BroaMan guys for many years, when I mentioned what we were looking to achieve they immediately suggested this solution.

“The Route66 Auto Router will enable us to create a fibre distribution network, which will be able to expand or contract depending on the context in which it is being deployed. It will also allow the network to be built and tested in sections — or loops — allowing us more flexibility when installing it.”


Wigwam has used an Optocore solution to run its SR infrastructure for a number of years — for both d&b and more recently Meyer. “Therefore this addition was a natural progression, which allows us to improve on our existing methodology and move the whole system design forward.”

On the Coldplay tour, the Route66 will be used as a dedicated fibre optic patchbay. “It will effectively be invisible to the network and its main benefit is that we do not have to change any fibre cabling to add/remove parts of the network. Therefore, the transition between arenas and stadia can be seamless. What this has given us is real scalability.”

States BroaMan managing director, Tine Helmle, “This device is the only product in the industry which can route Audio Links and Networks of any format, such as MADI, SDI, Ethernet and Optocore, making it a perfect match for a number of premium console manufacturers. We are delighted that Wigwam has immediately recognised the benefits, and that the system will make its debut on such a high profile tour as Coldplay.”


About BroaMan
BroaMan (Broadcast Manufactur GmbH) products are aimed at broadcasters as well as production companies, sport facilities, professional AV integrators and many more applications. The company offers customised solutions for every application that requires SD/HD/3G video transport or routing – whether a big and complex system for broadcast studio or OB Van, or a simple point to point for a small church, conference hall, etc. With DiViNe (Digital Video Network) all open standards can be integrated — digital video, audio and data — on the same fibre infrastructure. The main differentiator from other companies providing video over fibre solutions is the approach. Each video system is unique and every customer requires a different level of complexity and features. Each BroaMan system is tailored to match the customer's exact needs. Using the DiViNe system the customer, together with BroaMan’s Application Engineering team, can specify the general system performance, the interface layout — based on basic frames — and some special features. As a result each customer receives his own bespoke system, which perfectly matches his application.