Optocore/BroaMan Announce Warrenty Extension


German fibre network solution specialists, Optocore, have provided additional value to the outstanding performance of their unique portfolio by increasing the warranty cover on all devices — including those of sister company BroaMan — from three to five years.

Stated director, Tine Helmle, “Over recent years we have noticed a steadily diminishing number of returns. The proven reliability of our products has therefore given us the confidence to take this step — which will provide great reassurance for our customers.”

"By extending the warranty period to five years, we're taking our mission statement — as being the pioneer in fibre network technology, and best provider of high quality fibre broadcast equipment — to an even higher level."

She believes that the reduction of returned products is the result of the enhanced quality control implemented by the company. “Since the very beginning we have set out to manufacture the highest quality devices, all within Germany, and all production runs are permanently checked to the highest standards.


“We are extremely proud to be employing such a high standard of production personnel, and using the finest quality components and PCBs.

“Optocore is known for its high-value offering and we intend to maintain this philosophy of supplying the best of the best.”

The result in real terms, she says, will be a lower-cost of ownership to their customers.

About Optocore
Based in Munich, Germany, OPTOCORE is the world market leading provider of high bandwidth, low latency, resilient, scalable and flexible fibre optic based networks for the transmission of audio, video and data. For 20 years, Optocore has been continuously innovating and setting new standards with regards to digital network technology. OPTOCORE builds and develops synchronous optical fibre and CAT5 based network solutions for broadcast professionals — for fixed installations and live event applications. Utilising leading-edge technology and high-quality components Optocore guarantees durability and therefore long-term market and customer satisfaction. Due to the open system architecture, Optocore’s platform offers other manufacturers the option to transfer conventional standard audio, video and data formats used in the pro audio industry, via an Optocore network. Technical expertise, QoS and an extensive support structure are guaranteed to all customers, together with the highest level of quality.