Blackmagic Design Announces Major MultiView Update

Blackmagic Design announced a MultiView 1.1 Update, which is a major update for its Blackmagic MultiView 16 that features new audio meters, enhanced on screen labels, RGB output over HDMI and more.

Blackmagic MultiView 1.1 Update adds new professional audio meters to MultiView 16. Customers can now view audio meters independently for each video input. The meters are superimposed over the video in all layouts including 2 x 2, 3 x 3, 4 x 4 and solo view, plus feature correct VU ballistics that accurately conform to the VU meter standard. This means broadcasters can rely on the on screen meters and use them as an accurate tool because they are designed to adhere to professional specifications so behave in the same way as a mechanical VU meter. Because MultiView 16 can output Ultra HD, the meter graphics are extremely sharp and clear.

In addition, on screen view labels have also been enhanced with a more subtle and elegant design. The labels now resize proportionally based on the selected layout so they match the view size better. Both audio meters and labels can now be turned on and off independently using the on screen menus.


This new MultiView 1.1 Update adds SD anamorphic support so lets customers view 16 x 9 anamorphic SD video sources in widescreen. This update also adds support for RGB output over HDMI for greater compatibility with even more Ultra HD displays or televisions, and improves the clarity of output when MultiView 16 is used with regular HD displays.

Blackmagic MultiView 16 is the world’s first multi viewer that operates natively in Ultra HD so customers can monitor up to 16 different SDI sources on one single display. Each input also includes a full frame re-synchronizer so any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD can be displayed at the same time. MultiView 16 can be controlled from its front panel, remotely via software on a Mac or Windows computer, or with an external hardware control connected via ethernet.


“MultiView 16 gives customers 4 x more clarity and detail than regular HD multi view monitors,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “This free software update adds exciting new features, such as audio meters and improved label design, that make it ideal for even more customers. Now broadcasters can use it in master control rooms and production crews can now take it on the road as a source monitor for live, switched events! Best of all, this update is free so existing customers get all of these great new features too!”

Availability and Price
Blackmagic MultiView 1.1 Update will be available in November for download from the Blackmagic Design website free of charge for all MultiView 16 customers.

About Blackmagic Design
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