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SKYCAM (United States)

Mobile Production >> Specialist Cameras

a stadium or arena by computer-controlled cable-drive system, is responsible for bringing video game-like ... 2001 for the XFL. ESPN first used Skycam in 2001 for an NFL pre-season telecast and then consistently ... in 2002 for Sunday Night Football broadcasts. Since then, ESPN and sister-network ABC have made ... View


RTS (Germany)

Mobile Production >> Specialist Cameras

Rail&Tracking Systems has been meeting the challenge to provide Directors with unique solutions for moving ... cameras in a variety of creative ways. The development of advanced remote camera tracking systems for ... system suitable for any venue and use. The tracks are also available with curve segments and different ... View


Nordic Camera Solutions AB (Cablecam Nordic) (Sweden)

Mobile Production >> Specialist Cameras

a computerized controlled camera rack which allows you to set up cuepoints along the track for repeat shooting. ... camera's head with least adjustments. We recommend our wireless pan And tilt camera head designed for ... EagleCam is available for rent daily. Base: Programmable speed: yes Programmable ramp: Yes Control: ... View

Nordic Camera Solutions AB (Cablecam Nordic)

TV Skyline Ü8 HD

Mobile Production >> OB Trucks

V__view1 units for converting IP-based MJPEG streams into HDMI signals with minimal latency. These compact ... e.g. for commentary positions or production suites. Complete Equipment buffered over USV. At full load ... about 15 minutes useable * The following DirectOut products are integrated in the Ü8 1x Andiamo 2.XT for ... View

TV Skyline Ü8 HD

tpc Wireless (Switzerland)

Mobile Production >> Wireless Solutions

for rowing, sailing, city marathons, triathlons, track-and-field events, winter sports Long range: ... Relay by helicopter and/or airplane for cycling events, marathons, long triathlons, and winter sports ... * All Cameras controlled, Intercom and Tally * CamTrack System and GPS Data for Graphics * Source ... View

tpc Wireless

CTV OB 12A IP works in combination with TSV 12 on diPloy (United Kingdom)

Mobile Production >> OB Trucks

OB12A, which hit the road recently at the Irish Open 2020 for European Tour Productions and is now ... These two trucks working together will not only increase efficiency and broadcast goals for CTV OB’s ... clients, but will also have a large sustainability impact for the company. Reflecting client ambitions The ... View

CTV OB 12A IP works in combination with TSV 12 on diPloy

One TV unitONE (Italy)

Mobile Production >> OB Trucks

RTS Intercoms with Adam Matrix (RTS) 1x ADAM-M matrix with OMNEO IP Intercom for Panels and ROAMEO ... production room for the mainstream product, a secondary production room in an isolated space and ... a "machine room", for which a dedicated, soundproofed and conditioned area is reserved, ensure ... View

One TV unitONE

Telegenic T5 (United States)

Mobile Production >> OB Trucks

Expanded (m) 4.8 Height (m) 4.14 Voltage (V) 220/240 System Integrator Telegenic / Wire Guyz for Cabling ... multiple office rooms, negating the need for the use of mobile office trailers. It is also well suited for ... equipment for the internal and external operations of the vehicle. Technical staff will be familiar with the ... View

Telegenic T5

WIGE Wireless (Germany)

Mobile Production >> Wireless Solutions

25Km², LINK ultra tight light-weight-custom made wireless adapter for GVG in SD or HD, custom-made ... backpack with Antenna extension and RF-Booster. Cellular ASI-switched receiving network for seamless ... more than 40 HD/SD receivers fibre system to connect antennas to receiving van Signal processing for up ... View

WIGE Wireless

ACSE (Germany)

Mobile Production >> Helicopters

(Fraunhofer) INTERCOM Intercom Matrix Artist (Riedel) SPECIAL FEATURES * Service Tecnicians for FLIR / CINEFLEX ... / WESCAM * Flightcase Lab for Nose Mount Service on Location * Modification and Migration from SD to HD for ... View


RemoteCamSystems GmbH (Switzerland)

Mobile Production >> Specialist Cameras

variable heights. The rails can be installed beneath the stage and is almost invisible for the live ... Railcam suitable for broadcastings of all types. RCS LiftCam small (rcs) Traction System: robotic with ... rise up into the air from the rail. A great new perspective for the broadcasting sector! Thanks to the ... View

RemoteCamSystems GmbH

BlackcamSystem (Germany)

Mobile Production >> Specialist Cameras

remote-controlled camera tracking systems that are ideal for capturing unique perspectives from angles previously ... BlackcamSystem can be installed in, around or above a stage or set (over or underslung) for dynamic moving shots. ... in a suitcase style carrier for on-board air transport, and is ideal for tiny HD cameras like GoPro, ... View


Infinity 4K OBVan (Taiwan)

Mobile Production >> OB Trucks

a Calrec Summa console installed. Taiwan’s leading broadcast and media production company for more than ... thirty years… Infinity was also Taiwan’s first-ever HD OB van in 2006. * In addition to upgrades for each ... workflow, live event operations to post-concert films for DVD, the current lineup has been customized to ... View

Infinity 4K OBVan

Mobile TV Group 45 Flex (United States)

Mobile Production >> OB Trucks

was chosen to provide KVM extension and switching systems for each new trailer design. G&D was ... chosen for its’ rugged, reliable and affordable products that provide 24/7 operational excellence within ... ease of configuration contributed to the decision for adoption of the G&D products within all of ... View

Mobile TV Group 45 Flex

KR Supreme (Japan)

Mobile Production >> OB Trucks

Multiviewers/Splitters Production 1 MV Series (FOR-A) 5.1 Surround Sound in Production 1 8020 (Genelec) VISION CONTROL ... (Canon) Multiviewers/Splitters MV Series (FOR-A) Digital Glue HDRC-4000 (Sony) FA 9500 (FOR-A) Video ... Matrix UHD (Sony) SDI/HD (FOR-A) Controller MMstation (Sony) VSM (LAWO) Measurement Equipment LT5600 ... View

KR Supreme