El Clásico powered by FootballStats CG

El Clásico powered by FootballStats CG

In a joint effort with Mediapro, wTVision designed and implemented a complete Augmented Reality solution, that included virtual crowds and virtual infographics, for the El Clásico (FB Barcelona vs. Real Madrid) live broadcast.

For this particular LaLiga event, virtual graphics with tactical line-ups and results were broadcasted as a preview, before the beginning of the first and second half of the match. This was done thanks to the tracking integration with our R³ Space Engine and the aero cam Omnicam4Sky, that guarantees an unique outcome.

As for the Augmented Reality graphics tied to the field, wTVision designed a solution integrating our FootballStats CG with VIZ Arena,Tracab and LaLiga´s Mediacoach. The combination allowed our system (FootballStats CG) to pass all of Tracab’s positional data (together with the Mediacoach data) to the VIZ graphics scenes in real time and generate powerful virtual graphics with real-time data, main statistics and players’ positions.


Like in every LaLiga match, El Clásico also had a virtual crowd solution developed by wTVision and  Mediapro. This immersive virtual solution was generated with VIZ Arena, controlled with FootballStats CG and managed from Mediapro´s centralized production and distribution hub.