United facilitates remote production of Dutch tv-shows ‘time for coffee’ and ‘5 o'clock live’

United facilitates remote production of Dutch tv-shows ‘time for coffee’ and ‘5 o'clock live’

First Dutch live broadcast based on SMPTE2110 IP infrastructure

For the first time in Dutch tv history, a live program has been remotely directed using full-fledged SMPTE 2110 IP infrastructure. United, one-stop supplier of television and multimedia production facilities directed Talpa’s ‘Koffietijd’ (‘time for coffee’) and ‘5 uur live’ (‘5 o'clock live’) from United’s Remote Center in the music pavilion at the Media Park in Hilversum. The recording of the shows took place in the studio of the National Postcode Lottery building Amsterdam.

“For some time now, we have provided remote live production for a number of programs, among which RTL Late Night. What makes the present project unique is that we have now used a full-fledged IP infrastructure,” says Walter van Dorst, Manager OB trucks and studio’s at United. “In this way, we don’t need to use SDI baseband connections. All video footage was sent uncompressed via fiber optic cable. This is a next step in our United Anywhere proposition; we can offer remote production and video editing anywhere in the world, no matter where the recording takes place. We, in fact, decentralize the hardware, which enormously benefits logistics and our sustainability goals.”

During the broadcasts United made use of Spine-Leaf-topology: “This ensures that our Remote Center is flexible, reliable and scalable,” says Paul van den Heuvel, Manager Technology at United. “The technology is modular and centers around several small switches and calculates the capacity needed for different applications. Thus it essentially functions in the same way as the data centers of large technology companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. The technology is supported by the use of a software-defined network controller. We ensure that the hardware may be located where it is needed; entirely according to the United Anywhere concept, which we developed ourselves.”


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