Technology giant opens Customer Experience Center (CXC) in Munich

Technology giant opens Customer Experience Center (CXC) in Munich

Joint development of innovation – the new Panasonic exchange and experience platform on 6,000 square meters

Panasonic is consistently expanding its activities in Europe and at its Munich Ottobrunn site. Within the Panasonic Campus in Munich the new Customer Experience Center (CXC) is now about to open the doors. The building complex consists of over 6,000 square meters and invites B2B customers, trade partners, developers, start-ups, and universities to get valuable insights. In several high-tech function rooms, such as at the theme islands and central presentation stages, Panasonic will showcase its comprehensive range of electro-mechanical components and systems, drives, and industrial robots. Additionally, one can also interact with pick-and-place machines for electronics manufacturing, state-of-the-art solutions for production, retail, public areas, e-mobility, and smart living. The CXC is a brand world, dialog platform, event venue, and training location. The exhibition program will be continuously updated and is designed to highlight Panasonic's growing importance as a powerful enabler for high-tech solutions in the mobility, business, and living sectors.

"Our European customers appreciate our quality. However, they know of Panasonic mainly through our individual core components. Every time we present to our customers the breadth of our technology world, how many innovative applications are based on our technologies, and for how many European companies we already enable innovative and sustainable solutions for, their astonishment is sensational. From high-tech components to integrated solutions, from e-mobility to Industry 4.0, networked supply chain management to smart living spaces – no other company combines and links so many high-tech competencies under one roof. At the CXC, we present our brand comprehensively and make it tangible. We aim to intensify the dialog with customers, developers, partners, and the public, and thus further expand our growth course in Europe," explains Johannes Spatz, President at Panasonic Industry Europe.

"With the opening of the Customer Experience Center in Munich, Panasonic is leveraging synergies to demonstrate customer-oriented, cross-divisional cutting-edge technology. We combine our many years of in-depth industry knowledge, hardware, software engineering, and integration skills to offer companies tailored and integrated solutions - many of these examples are visualized in the new Experience Center. We look forward to welcoming our customers here and tackling the future together, "said Hiroyuki Nishiuma, Managing Director Panasonic System Communication Europe.

Alexander Schultz-Storz, Head of the Cross-Value Division of Panasonic Industry Europe, further explains that "the industry and companies in Europe are not standing still, they are looking for strong partners with answers to current and future technological challenges. We, too, are thinking in long-terms and have consciously decided to make this investment - despite the pandemic. The new facilities at the CXC – such as the product islands, presentation stages, application centers, the co-creation zone, and the meeting and training rooms – will now allow us to provide our customers, universities, start-ups, and sales partners with information that is as comprehensive as it is targeted, and to let the innovations for the coming years and beyond, emerge in fruitful collaborations."

Technology giant opens Customer Experience Center (CXC) in Munich

The CXC in Munich's east is located within Panasonic Campus Munich, Panasonic Industry's European headquarters, and offers flexible useable space.

In addition to the development teams, the application engineers, industrial customers, trading partners, and external groups will also be able to take advantage of the innovative, modern technology presentations and the high-tech environment with state-of-the-art presentation techniques. Panasonic Industry Europe will use the CXC's extensive facilities for public dialog events with local, regional, and international industry and universities, theme workshops, product premieres, and media events. More information, interactive impressions, and insights into the CXC can be found here: (

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