Rohde & Schwarz monitoring and multiviewer solution successfully tested

Rohde & Schwarz monitoring and multiviewer solution successfully tested for compatibility with Unified Streamingʹs Unified Origin

Rohde & Schwarz tested Unified Origin from Unified Streaming for compatibility with its R&S PRISMON monitoring and multiviewer solution. R&S PRISMON successfully received and monitored in detail all common OTT protocols, including HLS and MPEG-DASH.

Unified Origin is an all-in-one solution for media content streaming. It creates HDS, HLS, MPEG-DASH and MSS formats dynamically from a single source. OTT providers use this solution to process their content for delivery to mobile devices. Unified Origin offers advanced features for adding multiple audio codecs such as Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3), DTS Express and Fraunhofer HE-AAC v2 (multichannel).

The R&S PRISMON automatically monitors transmitted broadcast and streaming media content in parallel. Service providers can use the combination of R&S PRISMON and Unified Origin to meet their contractual requirements with respect to service quality and availability. The two firms therefore tested Unified Origin and the monitoring and multiviewer solution for compatibility, with successful results.

Bjoern Schmid, Director of R&D Monitoring & Analysis at Rohde & Schwarz, commented, "Unified Origin is already very successful in the marketplace. We are pleased that the solution has proven compatible with our R&S PRISMON and that it adds a unique set of features."


"Automated monitoring of a multiprotocol OTT stack typically is hard to do“, says Dirk Griffioen, CEO Unified Streaming, "we’re excited this has now become possible with the new R&S PRISMON."

R&S PRISMON supports transport standards such as SDI, AIMS/SMPTE 2110, SMPTE 2022-6, ASPEN, SMPTE 2022-1/2, HLS, HSS and DASH as well as media formats such as MPEG-2/4, HEVC and TICO. Users can efficiently and flexibly add new standards and media formats via software upgrades. R&S PRISMON automatically detects dropouts and content errors in realtime, using sophisticated monitoring functions such as "video freeze with whitelisting" and "video content compare".


A large number of channels – including those in UHD quality – can be monitored in parallel with R&S PRISMON and visualized in a straightforward manner on a multiviewer video wall. R&S PRISMON is easy to set up and operate via its intuitive, web-based user interface. It is up and running within a very short time and can be administered via SNMP or remote API. Users can use the convenient graphical editors to adjust the layout of the multiviewer video wall to their specific needs. R&S PRISMON allows fast and easy operation and administration under widely varied operating conditions.
The monitoring and multiviewer solution is available in various hardware configurations and as a cloud-based installation.