Rohde & Schwarz DVS GmbH: Next generation of R&S CLIPSTER at IBC2015

R&S CLIPSTER is based on an entirely new hardware platform. In combination with increased I/O capabilities as well as extended J2K profiles, this platform provides a solid technical foundation to build business on.

The new generation of R&S CLIPSTER enables content creators to produce more compelling feature film and TV content, especially when it comes to productions with higher resolutions, higher frame rates, and larger color spaces. The integrated software version features a new high-precision color processing engine which offers on-the-fly color transformations between standardized color spaces and even customized color formats. These color transformations can be configured dynamically without the need to generate a 3D LUT, thus making the process even more accurate and flexible. This way, the creative toolsets for color grading are freed up for their original creative purposes and not used to create deliverables.

With its enhanced feature set, the mastering station brings a new level of quality, reliability, and performance to high-end post production workflows. R&S CLIPSTER supports production formats like QuickTime® and DNxHD as well as mastering formats that support 4K HDR such as IMF. This incredible range of supported formats is made possible thanks to its significantly improved hardware and software architecture. The hardware accelerator also increases JPEG2000 performance and extends the supported IMF App #2 profiles. Moreover, R&S CLIPSTER has expanded its DCI support up to 4K HFR for cinema. R&S CLIPSTER also offers support for contribution formats such as AS-02 and AS-11, as well as distribution formats such as H.264 and HEVC.


From the entry-level solution for QC up to a fully-featured R&S CLIPSTER, users will find a configuration to suit their needs. They can start with a version for quality control of playout, progress to an IMF version, and make the final step to a complete R&S CLIPSTER mastering station as needed. The R&S CLIPSTER IMF version is especially suited for IMF mastering and offers a complete solution for UHD, 3D, and Rec. 2020 mastering – including IMF-compliant closed captions and subtitles, CPL markers, and forensic watermarking.

Stephen Birdsong, Product Manager Post Production Solutions at Rohde & Schwarz DVS: “As project requirements for premium content increase demanding bigger and better pixels and as OTT distribution channels grow to support a global audience; post-production vendors will benefit from the high performance, flexibility, and high quality image processing of the new CLIPSTER coupled with the rock-solid reliability and dependability of its DCI and IMF mastering.”
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Rohde & Schwarz DVS GmbH
For 30 years, Rohde & Schwarz DVS GmbH has been very successful in the professional film, video post production and broadcast markets. The specially developed and manufactured hardware and software are applied to the production of popular TV series, Hollywood blockbusters and in Digital Cinema. R&S CLIPSTER was the first system in the world to make real-time 4K processing possible. The future-proof ingest and production server R&S VENICE offers a flexible solution for modern, file-based workflows in broadcast environments. Rohde & Schwarz DVS offers a variety of customized storage solutions that is tailored to deliver best-in-class performance for formats up to 8K.