Rec4Box Develops 37’ 5th-Wheel Production Trailer

4th Generation Trailer announced for US Market at NAB Show New York

Rec4Box OB Factory announces the development of a new production trailer for the US market.  The 37’ trailer series named “Galleon”, will sport a Grass Valley Karrera Studio Production System and features an expanded work-space to comfortably handle a minimum of 12 staff members.  Optimized to handle 12-camera/CCU productions (plus auxiliary cameras like GoPro), the ultra-light 15,000 lb. trailer can be pulled by a heavy-duty pick-up truck.

“We worked closely with our US clients to develop this new trailer configuration” says Rec4Box CTO, Jonathan Fortin.  “The basic template was already there.  It was a matter of accommodating the larger event profile and providing additional workspace for graphics, stats and replay staff, typically found in larger sporting events.”

Rob Poretti, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Rec4Box OB Factory adds: “The ergonomic design and technical equipment structure of our trailers is extremely efficient:  Galleon provides the equivalent operational workspace of a 50-foot non-expando trailer… and if you need more space, you can link multiple trailers together.” 


Rec4Box has developed a new trailer linking technology in conjunction with Riedel MediorNet called oB-LINK.  This allows all trailer signals to be linked via a single cable system, creating a much larger “virtual production space.”  oB-LINK can also be used to connect the new 37’ trailer with the smaller 26’ trailer also manufactured by Rec4Box.

The REC4BOX Team at NAB Show 2015 in Las Vegas in front of the 26' Trailer


The new Galleon trailer features increased storage space in the 5th-wheel nose, as well as more rack space for CCU’s, playback servers, and an expanded router to handle the additional signals for routing. Equipment and trailer configuration is completely customizable.

About Rec[4]Box OB Factory:
Rec4Box OB Factory designs and manufactures fully integrated, custom, remote production vehicles for the world’s markets.
Committed in providing the pinnacle in both value & performance for its customers, Rec4Box OB Factory constantly innovates by evaluating new approaches in production workflows, optimizing work-space ergonomics and implementing state-of-the-art technical solutions.
Passionate about live production, Rec4Box delivers its vehicles into live broadcast, sports, live music, theatrical events, corporate AV, and dramatic productions for film & television.