Mediapro builds an OB van for TV channel IB3

Mediapro builds an OBVan for TV channel IB3

The new OBVan is set to produce audiovisual content for the Balearic Island regional TV network

Unitecnic, the Mediapro Group company specialising in audiovisual engineering, has provided OB van creation services for the Balearic Island Public Television company. The project was won at tender beating off a series of challengers with Unitecnic’s offer being the most highly valued both economically and technically.

The project consisted of the supply of a Light Electronic Production OB van for outside audiovisual content production around the Balearic Islands. The OB van is built on a 12-tonne lorry, 8m long by 2.5m wide. On top of existing IB3 equipment, new equipment includes 6 Panasonic AK-HC3500 cameras, 1 Panasonic AV-HS6000 mixer, Canon KJ-17ex lenses, a Sennheiser microphone, BlackMagic auxiliary equipment, etc. The outside of the van was built in Madrid, whilst the installation and set-up of the equipment was carried out in the Mediapro building in Barcelona in the 22@ tech’ district of Barcelona.

Mediamóvil, another Mediapro Group company specialising in OB vans for live television production, has also been part of the project team together with Unitecnic providing design and construction services.


The vehicle was transported to Majorca by boat at the beginning of May, where Unitecnic technicians put the final touches to the van at the regional channel’s offices as well as providing training to IB3 employees. The OB van, which is already up and running, will be employed at a host of events produced by the channel over the month of May.

With a proven track record in the field of audiovisual engineering, Unitecnic is currently providing services for a variety of international projects. OB van projects include services for the Lanzhou network in Gansu province China as part of the digitalisation of the equipment for the TV channel.


About Unitecnic
Specialising in the areas of engineering, broadcasting and multimedia, Unitecnic designs, develops and executes “turn-key” projects. From consulting to integration, installation and system maintenance. It is a distributor of the leading broadcast brands from around the world. With its HQ in Barcelona, the company has got offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Miami, Buenos Aires and Dubai.