Media Broadcast Migrates to Ericsson All-IP Broadcast Network

Ericsson enables migration from ATM network to next-generation all-IP broadcast network

MEDIA BROADCAST, Europe’s leading service providers for the broadcasting and media sector, has deployed a next-generation all-IP broadcast network, ‘Broadcast NGN’, upgrading from an existing ATM network. MEDIA BROADCAST selected a range of Ericsson award-winning video compression solutions that enable it to streamline its multiple broadcast networks into one, allowing greater control and management.

The new network meets MEDIA BROADCAST’s needs for a highly flexible solution for unified video, audio, data and voice transmission capabilities.

Bernd Kraus, CEO of MEDIA BROADCAST, says: “As one of the largest broadcast network provider in Germany serving leading content providers, we will establish a unique, trend-setting broadcast next-generation network. With the implementation of a fully IP-based network, we are able to migrate several platform services into one, providing significant operational advantages and increased flexibility. This will even allow us to bring the level of our outstanding services to a next step, MEDIA BROADCAST providing the quality of service that our customers expect.”


After intensive evaluation and lab testing, MEDIA BROADCAST selected a solution comprising Ericsson’s leading AVP 2000 Contribution Encoder, RX8200 Advanced Modular Receivers and MA 5400 ASI-IP adapters.

Giles Wilson, Head of TV Compression Business, Ericsson, says: “We have been working closely with MEDIA BROADCAST to bring the advantages of the universal IP network to its customers, opening up entirely new possibilities for operators and service providers. Our experience in delivering next-generation television solutions combined with our deep understanding of IP networks ensures that MEDIA BROADCAST can meet its needs for superior quality. It also provides a platform for future growth and the ability to enable its customers to deliver the consumer experience of tomorrow.”