Grass Valley Response to Belden Inc. Divestment Announcement

Grass Valley Response to Belden Inc. Divestment Announcement

Belden Inc. announced today its intention to divest the Grass Valley media technology business. Please see a copy of the press release here:

The move is a positive one for Grass Valley, its employees and customers. Grass Valley is a market leader in the media technology business and a profitable operation with top quartile EBITDA performance. Grass Valley is the world’s leading media technology supplier with uniquely strong customer and partner relationships. This makes Grass Valley an attractive investment to those interested in the media tech space and Belden has been actively discussing options with interested parties during 2019.

Grass Valley does not expect this announcement to disrupt its current operations and will continue to focus on meeting the needs of customers, partners and employees.


Belden will immediately begin reporting Grass Valley as a “discontinued operation” on its income statement. It is important for Grass Valley that the market understrands that the phrase “discontinued operation*” does not, in any way, imply that Grass Valley is going out of business. The term “discontinued operation” is a standard accounting term used when a corporation decides to exit a portion of its overall business. It is a way to differentiate such a portion of the business from other “continuing operations.”