Bexel to Introduce Clarity Camera at NAB2017

Introducing Bexel Clarity Camera at NAB 2017

Throughout Bexel's 35-year history, we aim to provide technologies that add production value to live TV and bring an exciting, new dimension to viewers, but we recognized an increasing demand for high-quality, real-time HFR video that no manufacturer addressed. In response, Bexel developed a small POV camera that provides the same functionality as a large high-speed camera.

The result is Bexel Clarity Camera, the world's first miniature, high-frame-rate (HFR), point-of-view camera for live production. The Clarity 800-HD is a true game-changer for live broadcast, allowing for HFR to be easily used in any application.

Introducing Bexel Clarity Camera at NAB 2017


Clarity 800-HD is just the first camera in Bexel’s family of robust and affordable cameras that meet specific broadcast requirements. I invite you to visit us at NAB Show in Vitec Booth C6025 to see the premier unveiling of this family of cameras available exclusively for rent from Bexel and Camera Corps. Until then,