ARRIS highlights the connected path to the future at BroadcastAsia2016

ARRIS highlights the connected path to the future at BroadcastAsia2016

TV is changing. We're already seeing the onset of the connected entertainment revolution. But what will tomorrow's service offerings look like and how do operators manage the transition? At Broadcast Asia 2016, ARRIS’ Solutions Architect for Asia, Per-Anders Josefsson will be chairing a session in the conference to explore this (31 May, Tuesday @ 10.55am). Many talk about how streaming services will eat the lunch of traditional broadcasters. What we see, however, is a converged world where the two sit side by side. IP delivery is becoming the common denominator that sends video to different types of devices, anytime, anywhere. 

It's vital then, that connectivity is a priority and not an afterthought. Home bandwidth demands will continue to increase, but the good news is that the technology to meet that need is available today. Advances in access network technology like DOCSIS 3.1® and will deliver gigabit speeds to more consumers than ever before.

At Broadcast Asia, ARRIS will showcase the technology that will accelerate the delivery of new services. On the connectivity side of things, there will be demonstrations of a DOCSIS 3.1 network and CPE solutions. Accompanying this will be a 1.2GHz cable plant for delivering multi-gigabit services to the home. At their suite at the show, they will also showcase ARRIS’ broadband gateways and set-tops for cable, telco and satellite operators to deliver next-gen consumer experiences including 4K video over Wi-Fi. Plus, they’ll display their cloud solutions and demonstrate how these solutions can optimise and manage the delivery of linear and stored IP video to set-tops and consumer devices.


If you’re keen to find out more about these technologies, what it means for in-home entertainment and connectivity, and service providers, we’d be happy to arrange for a 1:1 interview at Broadcast Asia from 31 May to 3 June. Alternatively, if you’re interested to check out their demos at the show, please feel free to drop by at the ARRIS Hospitality Suite at Melati 4010A, Level 4.