Kronomav Delivered Successful London Olympics in 3D

IN3D LIVE system of Kronomav had the best results in the last London Olympics games.

Kronomav’s technology was used in North Greenwich Arena Venue where it was done Gymnastics, Trampoline and Basketball, both male and female.

4 new robotized Rigs STC-303 were used as well as the new Stereo Image Processors (SIP-300). All the four rigs in Gymnastics were set up in Beam Splitter mode while in Basketball two of them were operated in side-by-side mode.


The rigs worked with Thompson Grass Valley LDK-8000 cameras, however one of the rigs was set up with two LDK-8300 SuperSloMo Cameras that had an excellent performance with IN3D LIVE system. These SuperSloMo cameras were used for both live signal and slow motion replays.


68 hours were broadcasted in 3D from North Greenwich Arena (39 hours in Gymnastics, 5 hours Trampoline and 24 hours Basketball).

After Olympics, Kronomav’s IN3D LIVE system seems  to be one of the most versatile and stable 3D systems for the live event production market.