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Sixteen 3D Rig Manufacturers - An Overview

3D Rigs for Live Productions

21st Century 3D - 3ality - Binocle 3D - Element Technica - Kronomav - P+S Technik - Screen Plane - Stereotec - swissRIG - Tango - 3D Film Factory - British Technical Films - Inter Video 3D - Kerner 3D - Pace - S3D

Stereographic Rigs from 21st Century 3D

The BX3’s beam-splitter mirror has been specially designed for optimum optical performance in stereoscopic cinematography applications, balancing reflection and transmission of color, contrast, density and brightness. In addition, a custom-developed depolarizing filter ensures that polarized light (frequently seen on wet, metallic or glass surfaces) entering the lenses is seen by both cameras, virtually eliminating nasty retinal rivalry commonly seen in beam-splitter footage. When it comes to shooting options, the BX3 rig offers several choices for operation. The mirrored camera can be oriented above the rig looking down into the mirror in its standard configuration or down below the rig looking up in flip mode. By simply dismounting the camera and releasing the two stainless steel clamps, the mirror box can quickly be reoriented in the field. Operating in flip mode places the rig's center of gravity far lower and improves stability in a variety of situations including underslung cranes or Steadicam operation. Flip mode also allows the rig to get up close to the ceiling, increasing maximum height by as much as 1ft or more depending on camera and lens configuration.


21st Century 3D

Stereographic Rigs from 3ality

3ality Digital is singularly focused on creating the tools to turn 3D into a ubiquitous medium. Humans like entertainment immersive, and 3D is the next step in the evolution from hand puppets to the holodeck. With a team made up of a unique blend of visual storytellers and technologists, 3ality developed production systems with a geek edge: The 3flex™ camera platforms not only shoot 3D images with near-perfect precision, they allow customers to change their choices dynamically, and let them pass along the information to everyone in the production workflow. 3play™ image management technologies optimize 3D imagery on any display platform, and allow for the perfect dynamic placement of graphics in Z-space.




Stereographic Rigs from Binocle 3D

Ten years after the first fully motion-controlled rig was developed by Binocle / Thomson / Angénieux, Binocle has improved its techniques to provide a full range of equipment to satisfy all shooting requirements.
This new range of three rigs offers innovative features in terms of weight, handling and size. All three rigs can accommodate all types of cameras whatever their weight and size. They allow use of stereoscopic equipment in confined spaces, on a Steadicam, shoulder brace or any other device designed for the cameras currently available on the market. All three rigs are suitable for motion-controlled operation and recording.The management system allows real-time remote control to ensure extremely fast and accurate 3D mastering. The following motion parameters can be controlled: Interocular distance, Convergence, Zoom, Focus and Aperture

Binocle DisparityTagger:
A real-time visualization and correction software. The Binocle DisparityTagger has been developed by Binocle in collaboration with INRIA and taking advantage of the computational power of the NVIDIA solutions. The DisparityTagger allows the stereographer to master stereoscopic shots by giving him access to a large range of visualization tools to detect image problems in real time. The SDI output capability of the DisparityTagger allows to stream the corrected signals for the left and right eye.


Binocle 3D

Stereographic Rigs from Element Technica 3D

Technica 3D is a family of stereographic 3D rigs designed by Element Technica to precisely align and control positioning of a pair of cameras necessary for stereographic 3D imaging. Element Technica’s goal from the beginning was to design the Technica 3D family of tools to free creative producers, directors and cinematographers from the limitations of existing 3D equipment, and the often artificially created constraints erected by boutique 3D production houses seeking to keep the “secrets” of 3D behind the magic curtain. Many existing 3D rigs are capable of only side-by-side or beamsplitter shooting, but not both. A Technica 3D rig can not only be reconfigured from side-by-side to beamsplitter, or vice-versa, in ten minutes or less, but is the only rig capable of locating the beamsplitter camera either above (known as over/thru) or below (known as under/thru) the other camera on the rig.


Element Technica


Stereographic Rigs from Kronomav

Kronomav has developed a revolutionary technology for the HD recording of audio-visual productions in three dimensions. Kronomav has created a robotic platform (Rig) adaptable to any film or television camera. Kronomav’s Rig is the only one in the market that is fully automated. It remotely controls the lenses (zoom, focus, iris), convergence and the separation between cameras. It also memorizes positions (by presets) to facilitate the filming in case the conditions or factors in the scene repeat. Moreover, it also allows to select an axis as the master and overpower the rest of the axes in order to make dynamic shootings from the data given by the zoom or focus.
In addition, the 3D recording system is joined by a vision system for displaying the result in real time. Moreover, it is a post-production system that enables fixing all the flaws inherent in this type of production (aberrations, colorimetric differences, convergence issues,...) in real time, ie. at the same time of filming.
1. Robotic audiovisual 3D: The robotic RIGS have remote controls for the convergence, distance control and lenses control, shortening the time of filming in 3D.
2. Visualization System: It allows the visualization and correction in real-time of the recordings that are being made, thereby facilitating the process of post-production and eliminating the need for extra days of shooting.
3. Stereoscopic professionals and directors of 3D photography: The staff of Kronomav and ARS ESTEREOSKÓPICA with the “know-how” necessary to film in 3D. Please note that the 3D imposes a new audiovisual language that requires professionals trained specifically in 3D.



Stereographic Rigs from P+S Technik

The Freestyle Rig: This rig is especially designed for Steadicam and shoulder applications. After calibration to the mounted weight the setup with two cameras is always in balance, even adjusting the stereo base or angulation on the fly. Wireless controlled integrated motors are responsible for precise fine adjustment of the three dimensional effect in the image. The possibility to adjust the settings bidirectional allows customers to use the rig regular and goofy. Design and selected materials were employed with the goal to reduce the weight of the rig itself to an absolute minimum.
The Standard Rig: The motorization allows remote control precise adjustments of the Standard Rig. With a consisting set of motors and an electronic lens control system, the interaxial and stereo base adjustment can be wireless controlled. P+S Technik offers the Standard Rig motorization in combination with the Cmotion or Chrosciel lens control system. Distance tool for Standard Rig for precise adjustment of the Rig setup is available.


P+S Technik

Stereographic Rigs from Screen Plane

The Production Rig is designed for full-size cameras like Alexa, Red One, Epic, F35, F23, Genesis, HDC-P1 with high-end prime or zoom lenses: Compact overall size, because interaxial is set on upper camera; maximum freedom to reach all operating elements on both cameras; different mounting brackets for various cameras; lightweight construction by the use of aluminum and carbon elements; entire weight of rig (without cameras) 15.4 KG / 34 lb; internally motorized interaxial up to 14cm (5.5 inch); easy transportation in two separate cases (mirror box and L-shaped support)

This action hand-held rig was originally designed by SCREEN PLANE for the internationally recognized Redbull 3D-Downhill-Project of the Hahnenkamm / Kitzbühel race in 2010. The SNUGGLE PUGGLE is ideal for mini HD cameras likethe SCREEN PLANE XS-HD and offers an interaxial from 40mm to 90mm (1.57“ to 3.54“). One or two Kenyon KS-8 (or KS-6) gyro stabilizers can be mounted to the system. By flipping the mounting plate upside down the camera can be rigged in a hanging or standing configuration.

Screen Plane

Stereographic Rigs from STEREOTEC

STEREOTEC Mirror Live Rig
Ease of stereoscopic recordings: Especially suited for 3D broadcast events (live); very rigid and stable system for large cameras (RED and all broadcast cameras); all parameters (interaxial, convergence, tilt, roll, hight) motorizable; carbon fiber; upgradable for use with zoom lenses; upgradable for automatic 3D shooting with additional accessories (image processors – available later).

STEREOTEC Side-by-Side-Rig Maxi and Mini
Two Side by Side Rigs for 3D shootsThe new side by side 3D rigs by STEREOTEC for use on landscape, helicopter (with Side by Side Rig Maxi) or in small spaces like in a car, handheld, on a steadycam or crane (with small cameras like CUNIMA (Wige), LMP (Lux Media Plan), MODULA (Easylooksystems), ICONIX... on the Side-by-Side-Rig-Mini).

STEREOTEC Stereoscopic Calculator
Calculate your 3D parameters with easeThe "STEREOTEC Stereoscopic Calculator" enables you to find the settings for your 3D Rig. Just type in a few parameters (like distances in the set or the kind of lens you use) and the "STEREOTEC Stereoscopic Calculator" will calculate the settings of the interaxial (interocular) and the angulation (convergence). With this tool stereoscopic recording is very easy. No need to guess any more, calculate!


Stereographic Rigs from swissRig

The swissRIG is a beam-splitter 3D stereoscopic rig for Film, HD and stills. One camera in a typical horizontal position, pointed directly at the subject, and one in a vertical position, mounted below and in front of the horizontal camera. Both cameras are able to record the subject, with a loss of approximately one stop for each camera due to the physic slot of a Beamsplitter. The swissRIG is adjustable in any axis, independently and a special friction free sledding allows easy and smooth linear moves.
The mirror is fixed in a Unique Mirror Box system for less reflexions. A minimum of moving parts and an optical Glass in BK7 quality makes the swissRIG the most accurate mirror rig available. The high quality coating developed by Imaris provides high quality images. Mainly no color / luminance difference between the two images with accurate and precise geometry matching. The swissRIG provides proper parallel camera offsetting for screen and perfect stereo images at distances from macro to faraway. swissRIG supports any camera including Red, ArriD21, F35, HDC-1500, LDK-8000, also all lens packs – DigiPrime, MasterPrime and others. swissRIG is simple to use, setup time between camera changes takes as less as 1 minute.


Stereographic Rigs from TANGO

The Stereo Tango provides the demanding Stereographer with a precise control over the alignment of the left and right eye cameras being used to record 3D stereoscopic images. Each camera is adjustable on its optical axis and at the intersection point of the combined two optical axes on the beam splitter. The Stereo Tango is made of custom molded carbon fiber, achieving the highest rigidity for weight ratio on the market.
Aligning to two cameras is a delicate affair. Once on set, the shooting schedule is always very ambitious and there is not time to waste in adjusting the mirror rig from day to day, from location to location, regardless of how difficult the shooting conditions are. The Stereo Tango provides very strong locks on each of the axes of alignment, a key element in the timely completion of a 3D shoot. The interocular/interaxial adjustment (0mm to 90mm) is motorized by interfacing with standard wireless lens control systems such as ARRI™, Cmotion™, Scorpio™ or Preston™.
The convergence adjustments can be manual or motorized (optional).The 50/50 beam splitter is fixed at 45º (only 1 T-STOP light loss), the left & right eye cameras are independently adjustable over five axes: tilt, roll, pan, side to side, up-down & front to back.The camera alignments are smooth, precise and repeatable. The alignments are individually locked preventing any drifting during production. Each alignment is referenced with fine graduations and indexes.


Stereographic Rigs from 3D Film Factory

The 3D Film Factory recently introduced a new line of professional, affordable 3D camera rigs and production monitors. Developed by highly-skilled, veteran stereographers and award-winning filmmakers, these stereoscopic 3D systems allow users to create brilliant 3D images for a fraction of the cost of competitive systems. Whether you’re planning to shoot a feature film, music video, or commercial production in stereoscopic 3D, the easy-to-use, fully-adjustable 3D systems can help you create amazing 3D images, while maintaining viewer comfort.
The 3D-BS PRO RIG: This top-of-the-line, professional 3D beam-splitter system, the Pro Rig is designed to accommodate the RED ONE cameras & most large format Broadcast, ENG and HD movie cameras. The system features fully adjustable camera mounts (inter-axial, convergence & xyz axis), a nearly indestructable, lightweight frame, a vertical camera carriage, and high-grade, optically-engineered glass that allows filmmakers to achieve perfectly aligned 3D images.In addition 3D Film Factory offers the 3D-BS INDIE RIG, the 3D-BS MINI RIG and the 3D-SS INDIE & PRO RIGs.

3D Film Factory

Stereographic Rigs from British Technical Films

British Technical Films has twenty years experience in 3D and is fully equipped to meet the technical and filming needs of a rapidly expanding 3D market.
The Phantom Mirror Rig: British Technical Films offers a specially designed 3D rig for High-Speed, High-Definition and 3D shoots. The BTF 3D mirror rig was designed and built with Phantom HD Gold Cameras in mind. The unit is built in aluminium and stainless steel to maintain high rigidity within a compact design.
The SI2k Mirror Rig: British Technical Films also offers the new SI2k rig which is compatible with small high definition cameras . It is engineered from the same light but strong CNC machined aluminium as the Phantom rig. It is very small and compact and is ideal for use with Steadycam , time lapse, jibs and confined spaces.
The SKYBOT 3D: British Technical Films has recently developed a new specially designed gyro stabilised aerial filming platform 3D. This aerial platform (SKYBOT) has been designed and built with stability, stealth and smooth flight in mind. The CNC machined airframe in aluminium combined with gyro stabilisation and camera roll and tilt compensation provides the perfect aerial tool. SKYBOT is an affordable alternative to Steadycam, jibs and conventional helicopters. It creates exciting and unexpected transitional shots which can begin looking as being filmed from a Steadycam, the middle as if a crane or jib is involved then climb to reveal the equivalent of helicopter aerials.

British Technical Films

Stereographic Rigs from Inter Video 3D

Alterna GV-4 3D Rig
• Simple - Lightweight - Rugged
• 0” - 4” interocular & 5° of convergence
• Open Frame Construction
• Large Mirror for Wide Angles
• High & Low Mode Configuration (Left Eye Mounts on Top or Bottom)
• Removable Carbon Fiber Mirror Box (Rotates 180° for Low Mode)
• Rig has rubber feet for setup anywhere
• Manual & Motorized Adjustments
• Complete alignment of both eyes - 3 axis adjustment
• Lightweight 31 Lbs without motors
• Includes Shipping Case
• 1 Year Warranty
• Lens Shades Available for Top and Sides

Horizontal 3D Rig
• Horizontal beamsplitter rig
• Fits through 24” opening
• Tilts up and down - No restrictions
• Lightweight - 16 lbs. (Without cameras or control motors)
• Optional wireless or wired interocular and convergence
• Minimal problems with cameras using rolling shutters
• Rigid geometry for shots with fast motion
• Rapidaccess toallparts&camerasonrigincludingthemirror
• Rapid interchange of different cameras and lenses
• No internal reflections
• Steadicam friendly
• Price includes training at Inter Video facility

Inter Video 3D

Stereographic Rigs from Kerner 3D

With more than 30 years of recognition in the areas of camera and camera rig engineering excellence, Kerner has now developed a new line of stereoscopic camera rigs to meet the demands of today’s cinematographers working in both film and broadcast production.
Once the basic rules of 3D are understood the KC7000 series Kernercam rig makes shooting 3D almost as easy and accessible to film makers as traditional 2D acquisition.
Based on a traditional over-under, beamsplitter design the Kernercam rig is ideal for high quality 3D shooting where the action is in the mid to foreground and the accuracy of the capture is critical. The precision engineering of the KC7000 series combines sturdy construction with the smooth operation that is required in today’s production environment. Operation of the rig remains familiar, with industry standard controls enabling camera operators to spend less time understanding the rig and more time getting the perfect shot. The KC7000 series is compatible with most commonly used film and digital cameras and can be adapted with either cinematic or broadcast controls. An on-board battery pack also allows for remote location shooting.
The design concept behind the Kernercam 3D system was to capture the two critical images as accurately as possible. Content captured using a Kernercam rig should require little - if any - correction in postproduction.

Kerner 3D

Stereographic Rigs from Pace

FUSION 3D by definition is more than just a camera system. It’s a philosophy and a complete set of tools and solutions for all forms of 3D entertainment. There is no way to compare the 3D of the past which relied on the mathematics of the shot with the FUSION 3D system. FUSION revolutionizes the creative process, giving Creative Teams the power to harness the experience of “being there”. Through the use of PAC’s technology, viewers can step into a new world of entertainment and experience what a production creates. The technology behind FUSION is exciting. It’s a highly advanced imaging tool that captures images in a similar manner to human eyesight and a seamless acquisition system. But that’s not where it ends. PACE as a company has an endless in-house inventory of off-the-shelf solutions for a variety of shooting requirements from Reds, Sports, and Iconix to SI Minis, High Speed, and Lightweights and Compacts and Spydercams. Pace can create the infrastructure for your production integrating solutions like the FUSION Mobile 1 or 2 Broadcast Production Units for creative production control and real time viewing – whether it’s a feature film, music video, live broadcast or television shoot.


Stereographic Rigs from S3D

S3D Technologies has made shooting live images in stereo 3D easier with their S3D Beam Splitter Rig. Made out of carbon fibre and aluminium, the S3D Beam Splitter Rig provides the perfect balance between stability, sturdiness and weight.The wireless remote control with software developed by S3D Technologies delivers ultimate precision to synchronously adjust the inter-axial distance and the convergence of the cameras, as well as the focus and delete the iris values of both lenses.
The S3D Beam Splitter Rig is suitable for digital cameras and has a state-of-the-art camera release system that enables swift removal and fixture of both cameras to the rig.The S3D Beam Splitter Rig allows you to work with lenses of up to 114 mm diameter and an 18 mm Focal Length (Super 35) resulting in meticulous detail and perfection. The S3D Rig is rigorously designed for various extreme weather conditions and climates owing to the operating temperatures of the electronic components which range from -40oC to 80oC (-40oCF to 176oF). The lenses can also be changed with ease by simply sliding the cameras backwards, which is both time-saving and cost-effective. The S3D Rig’s mirror has a thickness measuring 0.043 to 0.130 with a 50R/50T, which assures an equal depth of field in both cameras.
S3D highly recommends the advanced S3D Calculator software, which will prove to be a valuable time-saving device. It calculates the ideal stereoscopic settings for any camera set-up and is an essential enhancement to the rig. S3D Technologies brings the technical perfection required to boost your creativity into a new dimension without limitations.


Stereographic Rigs from 3DCODE

3D specialist rental/sales house DECODE launched two new high end 3D mirror rigs. D-REX is a large 3D rig for full size cameras such as Arri ALEXA, RED, fully loaded RED EPIC, and other large broadcast cameras. It is the first UK designed and built rig for these cameras.D-RAPTOR is a smaller rig for cameras such as the Sony EX3, Sony F3 and similar. Company MD, film and TV director Samuel Martin explained, “We’ve developed these rigs over the last 15 months. We wanted to be able to provide a large number of rigs into our fleet – rigs that would be easily convertible between active and passive, and most importantly would not flex, an issue we experienced with all other rigs at the time we started. In addition, I wanted to keep the rental cost down to an affordable level.” Both new rigs offer a range of important features:
* Manual or automatic operation; easily implemented integration with cmotion or Preston for wireless rig control.
* Fully adjustable in all axes of alignment – innovative design means the rig is always ready to adjust, and yet always locked solid. Alignment won’t shift during small changes, making it extremely accurate. The solid, robust build means it’s possible to do a full 180 degree tilt with no noticeable image shift.
* The structure built around the mirror box means all accessories added to rig are close to centre of gravity, for better balance.
* Easy to remove mirror for easy cleaning and safe transportation.
* Inwards facing cameras means all buttons are easily accessible by the operator.
* All tilt/roll/height adjustments are accessible from one position, to avoid conflicting with the operator during line-ups.The rigs will be sold in standard configuration as passive rigs, with the option to include PRESTON/ cmotion wireless interaxial and convergence controls within a matter of seconds.


Stereographic Rigs from Microfilms 3D

Carbon / aluminum beamsplitter rig for cameras type EOS5D / Sony P1 /1500 / GRASS VALLEY 7000/8000 or size equivalent

cameras x, y, z &mx
mirror x, y & mz
convergence From 1,5m (5') toi nfinity
Stereoscopic base From 0 to 150 mm (5.9")
Mirror 250x465 R =T = 50 % +/- 5 % at 45° from 400 to 700 nm, multi layer anti flare coating

Rig control through touch screen graphic interface
Full lens control
Automation of convergence
Automation of the stereoscopic base accounting for focus, zoom and iris
Back up of all rig parameters and settings
Memory position of all axis including focus & zoom
All major rig & lenses data feedback embedded on video tap
Real time correction of zoom telecentricity defaults with motorized Canon stabilized lenses (lenses not included)

Real time correction of zoom telecentricity defaults with computer controlled motorized mirror
3D remote control unit for 3 Rigs
Motorized pan & tilt axis for remote use (crane, dolly …)
Integrated Optical Converter
External drive unit for FIZ motors (Preston, Eden...) for cine stylelenses

Microfilms 3D