TC Electronic reduces price on PowerCore plug-ins considerably

TC's PowerCore is already the definitive platform for musicians and producers who demand precision audio production tools

The world’s favourite powered plug-ins are now within the reach of any budget! TC Electronic announces a significant PowerCore plug-in price reduction that puts the world’s most respected audio production tools within the reach of any budget.


Whether using algorithms ported from the legendary System 6000 – including TC’s flagship VSS3 stereo source reverb, MD3 for comprehensive mastering tools, DVR2 for vintage reverbs, Tap Factory for the ultimate in delays.

Or precision analogue filtering with Filtroid, layering sumptuous harmonized vocals with Harmony4, adding punch and sheen to your mixes with the incomparable MasterX5 – TC’s PowerCore plug-ins bring power, precision and performance to the table, no matter what the project.

The price reductions apply to all of TC’s PowerCore plug-ins.

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TC Electronic PowerCore Plug-Ins


What is PowerCore?

PowerCore is the best sounding processing available outside of top-of-the-line hardware products. PowerCore is a superior range of high-end plug-ins that run on TC Electronic’s tailor-made PowerCore hardware. Together the hardware and plug-ins deliver a quality that goes far beyond other natively powered VST and AU compatible plug-ins. TC Electronic’s PowerCore platform integrates with virtually any VST and AU based digital audio workstation for Mac or PC.

PowerCore plug-ins

The PowerCore plug-in range comprises everything from basic tools – like reverbs, EQs, compressor/expanders, chorus/delays, plug-ins that are dedicated to the human voice, sporting pitch correction and Voice Modeling™ – to some of the very best tools on the market – Restoration Suite and the ‘System 6000 for PowerCore’ plug-ins. On top of that, there are also renowned synths like the V-Station from Novation and the fantastic Virus|PowerCore by Access. So the PowerCore platform is not only a doorway to high quality TC Electronic processing tools, but also to a wide range of plug-ins from renowned 3rd party developers like Sony Oxford, TC-Helicon and NovelTech, to name a few.


PowerCore hardware

To get access to the PowerCore plug-ins, a PowerCore hardware unit is required. The current hardware range includes PowerCore Compact, PowerCore FireWire, PowerCore PCI mkII and PowerCore Express. Each of them comes with a selection of great plug-ins. Further, users can add plug-ins from the wide selection of optional plug-ins at any time, and finally, the PowerCore Unplugged allows users to build up their own customized collection of plug-ins from scratch.

About TC Electronic

TC Electronic was founded in 1976 with the objective of developing, manufacturing and marketing first class audio products that provide lasting user value for audio professionals. TC Electronic continues to be very focused on new technologies and products with approximately 40 R&D staff. Today, the company is not only a leader in digital signal processing, but also a major player in other aspects of the digital audio technology world, such as digital amplification and networking. Our users include some of the most demanding customers in pro audio, recording studios, TV and radio stations, the prominent theatres, operas and other installations and public address companies.


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