AMWA/EBU To Present Joint Session on Interoperable Media Services at IBC 2010

Senior media executives to explore how technology can be used to build a networked content creation and distribution facility

The Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) are presenting a joint session on Interoperable Media Services at the IBC Conference taking place at the RAI, Amsterdam Netherlands, September 9-14 2010.


The session takes place Saturday, September 11, 15:00 – 16:30. In this session, attendees will learn from a panel of senior media executives about the challenges they have faced in building networked media facilities - and how they have overcome these challenges. We will also hear from them about how the industry would be best served by the development of a framework for interoperable media services.

The AMWA and the EBU will then present the first results of their Request for Technology for such a framework with the participation of the respondents who will publicly state their expectations. Attendees to the session will have an opportunity to ask questions of the presenters as well.


User panelists:
Mirko Zimmer – Hessischer Rundfunk, Germany
Ian Wimsett – Red Bee Media, UK
Luk Overmeire – VRT, Belgium

Representing the AMWA and EBU:
Giorgio Dimino – RAI CRIT, Italy
John Footen – Chime Media, USA
Jean Pierre Evain – EBU, Switzerland
Hans Hoffmann (co-chair) – EBU, Switzerland
Brad Gilmer (co-chair) – AMWA, USA

Representing the respondents:
Bruce Devlin - Amberfin
Peter Brightwell – BBC
Lewis Kirkaldie – Cinegy
Peter Guglielmino – IBM
Frank Schaffa – IBM
Praveen Dharmavaram – IBM
Peter Lude - Sony Professional Solutions of America
Toshiaki Kojima – Sony
Paul Gardiner – Sony

The AMWA and EBU set up the FIMS (Framework for Interoperable Media Service) Task Force in December 2009. The joint effort between the EBU and the AMWA to seek out a common approach to integrate hard and software components in modern TV production facilities is believed to be a fundamental need of the whole media industry.

In the Request For Technology (RFT), issued April 2010, the Task Force solicited a framework for media services, specific detailed definitions of common media processes, and an overall description of how RFT respondents would break down functions within the professional media industry. The focus of the RFT is on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and reflects a move by the media industry toward these systems.

More information on the RFT can be found at:


Request For Technology

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