General Contact

Blackcam 4D GmbH
Tom Werner

Prenzlauer Allee 36 DE- 10405 Berlin Germany +49 30 6700 0332 (work) +49 172 7218 307 (cell) +49 30 6700 0333 (fax)

Contact Persons

Erik Thielking Supplier USA

515 W 57th Street US- 10019 New York +1 212 586 8616 492 (work)


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Technical Synopsis


Blackhead Tower (BlackcamSystem)
Remote Mounts
Blackhead (BlackcamSystem)
  • Alexa M (ARRI)
  • EPIC (RED)
  • Scarlet (RED)
  • PMW-F5 (Sony)
  • PMW-F55 (Sony)
  • HDC-P1 (Sony)
  • HDC-150 (Bradley Engineering)
  • EOS 5D (Canon)
Miniature Cameras
  • Hero3 (GoPro)
  • sinaCAM (sinaCAM)
  • HD:1200 (LMP)
  • GS2K (Indiecam)
  • Baby MKII (Modula)
  • HD-RH1 (Iconix)


Rail/Track Systems
  • B10 (BlackcamSystem)
  • B20 (BlackcamSystem)
  • B40 (BlackcamSystem)


BlackcamSystem introduces compact and portable remote-controlled camera tracking systems that are ideal for capturing unique perspectives from angles previously unreachable by conventional handheld, tripod, or full-sized remote-controlled camera support systems.

The BlackcamSystem can be installed in, around or above a stage or set (over or underslung) for dynamic moving shots. Due to their compact size and uniquely versatile track, Blackcams seamlessly integrate with the action without obstructing the talent or other set elements. Already used in Europe, the systems are popular on major variety style television and fashion runway shows, live music performances, and sporting events.

BlackcamSystem are available in three sizes to accommodate a wide variety of cameras. The full-sized Blackcam model B40 accepts various cameras, including: ARRI Alexa M, RED Epic and Scarlet, Sony
F5/F55/P1 and similar sizes. The B40 is also compatible with a 3D mirror rig. The midsized B20 is compatible with Bradley’s Camball HDC 150, and DSLR cameras such as Canon 5D and similar sizes. The super compact B10 fits in a suitcase style carrier for on-board air transport, and is ideal for tiny HD cameras like GoPro, Modula Baby MKII, SinaCAM, and Indiecam.

Each BlackcamSystem includes a camera cradle, dolly, track, production cabling and remote-control system. The track comes in linear or curved segments for the most dynamic configuration, regardless of the shooting challenge.

Moving swiftly and discreetly, with a vertical capacity of up to 15 degrees uphill, a Blackcam dolly attaches to the inner sides of the tracks with several lateral guide rollers and optional safety bars. The unit can be powered using AC with cables or via battery, which runs the system for at least 2 hours per charge on average. Control is via cable or wireless remote.

Since the black anodized track is relatively lightweight (only 4 kg/m/ 2.68 lbs/ft), set-up can quickly be accomplished by just one person. Track segments come in 50cm (1.64ft), 1m (3.28 ft), 2m (6.56ft), or 4m (13.12ft) lengths with a minimum standard inner radius of 1m (3.28 ft), but custom tracks can be manufactured upon request.

BlackcamSystem can also customize the speed of each system, control station etc. Operators can choose from a Joystick or Piezo stick, and the rack can be set up with 2 monitors, intercom, and other components.

BlackcamSystems are small enough so they don’t interrupt the action and run silent so they don’t disrupt the audio.