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Aerial Camera Systems Ltd
Matt Coyde Sales Director

3 The Merlin Centre Lancaster Road GB- HP12 3QL High Wycombe United Kingdom +44 1483 426 767 (work) +44 1483 413 900 (fax)

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Antonia Wood Sales & Marketing Manager

3 The Merlin Centre Lancaster Road GB- HP12 3QL High Wycombe

+44 1483 426 767 (work)

Aerial Camera Systems - Specialist Cameras


Technical Synopsis


Remote Mounts
  • Mini Pan and Tilt (ACS UK)
  • Minimote (ACS UK)
  • SMARThead (ACS UK)
  • PEE-POD 1000 (A&C)
  • PEE-POD 500 (A&C)
Gyro-Stabalised Mounts
  • Gyron 935 (Nettmann Systems)
  • Cineflex V14HD (Axsys Technologies)
Miniature Cameras
  • HDL-51 (Ikegami)
  • X300 HD (Sony)
  • HD-RH1 (Iconix)
Wireless Links
HD Transmission (ACS UK)


Rail/Track Systems
  • CAT-Camera (ACS UK)
  • Mini Vertical Track (ACS UK)
  • MK3 System (ACS UK)
  • MK4 Vertical (ACS UK)
  • G2 Two Cameras (ACS UK)
  • G2W Two Cameras (ACS UK)
  • MG2 One Camera (ACS UK)
  • G33 Curved (ACS UK)
Wire/Cable Systems
  • CAMCAT High Speed (ACS UK)
  • CAMCAT Vertical (ACS UK)
Camera Vehicles
  • Tethered Blimp (ACS UK)
  • Landrover (ACS UK)


Founded over thirty-five years ago to provide the latest aerial cinematographic equipment to the film and television industries, Aerial Camera Systems (ACS) is widely recognised as world leader in the provision of specialist camera systems as well as aerial filming in the UK and around the world. The company has a unique inventory of facilities available for rental with specialist crew which include high performance compact robotic heads to minicams, stabilised mounts, aerial drones, railcams, wirecams, tracking vehicles, aerial filming coordination services and the unique sponsor funded EyeFlyer blimp.
Our passion for what we do comes from our drive to continue to defy expectations whilst striving for excellence within our innovative camera solutions and specialist crew.
Our large inventory of equipment and continual investment in developing innovative ways to capture events coupled with our highly skilled Emmy and BAFTA award winning international team of engineers and operators makes ACS the number one provider for specialist filming requirements.

Our ability to deliver and manage large national and international projects, providing multiple cameras whether on the ground or in the air is one of our core strengths.
This substantial experience dates back over twenty years when ACS began its enduring history supplying for the Olympic Games. Since this time the ACS team have gained a high level of experience and expertise in bringing large scale broadcast events to successful completion.
Each project comes with a dedicated project management team who liaise closely with the host production team, managing the provision from commissioning through to broadcast, drawing on previous experiences and ensuring timely delivery.
Such projects include large international aerial provision and co-ordination, major state occasion, Premiership football and UK horseracing coverage as well as world-wide sporting events from the Olympics to the World Cup.
Our success comes from the knowledge that clients return to the team year on year, working around the world to deliver the very best specialist cameras and crew for international coverage.


Winter Sports
  • Ski Jump Cam
  • Flying Cam
Summer Sports
  • Vault Cam
  • Flying Cam
Team Sports
  • Flying Cam
  • Goal Cam


Aerial Camera Systems (ACS) was founded in 1979 by Peter Allwork, to provide the very latest Aerial Cinematographic equipment to both the Film and Video industries. Over the years, a combination of client led demand, coupled with continued investment and the desire to provide a full and unique service, has seen ACS evolve into a company that is recognised worldwide, as a leader in the field of specialist Camera supply.

ACS continues to provide experienced personnel and equipment to many of the world's national and international sporting events, entertainment and critically acclaimed Films, award winning Commercials and Television dramas. It is the all round experience gained from the coverage of such projects, that enables ACS to provide its clients with a service that is continually reviewed and individually tailored to meet their exacting demands.