General Contact

Kalvis Baumanis CEO

Kugu 11 LV- 1048 Riga Latvia +371 6745 2206 (work)


General Contact

Kalvis Baumanis CEO

Kugu 11 LV- 1048 Riga Latvia +371 6745 2206 (work)

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Technical Synopsis


Hannu Pro is one of the leading European system integrator companies with headquarters in Latvia and branch offices deployed in Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Georgia. Hannu Pro has presence in other European and Asian countries, as well as in the Middle East and Africa.

Hannu Pro engineers have over 20 years’ experience deploying innovative solutions for TV, broadcast, telecommunications and entertainment industry leaders. These solutions are implemented in numerous projects for TV companies, broadcasters and telecommunication providers, as well as many independent production houses and facilities.

Hannu Pro competence is the key to excellent execution, long-term reliability and transparent costs.

The experience, accumulated in many deployments over a number of countries, allows us to serve as a trustworthy bridge between vendors and clients, delivering innovative integrated solutions and ensuring their smooth operation. Apart from common system integration, assembly and technical furniture construction, we also provide software engineering – development of specific purpose based applications, interfaces and customizations, this is done to facilitate integration and ensure streamlined workflows that cannot be achieved with predefined solutions.

Hannu Pro develops and implements turnkey solutions for:
·    Broadcast segment
     o    Program planning, acquisition, production and archiving
     o    Television live and production studios
     o    Linear play-out and delivery to different distribution networks
     o    Postproduction facilities
     o    OB vans
     o    DSNGs

·    Telecommunication segment
     o    Head-end solutions
     o    Uplink stations
     o    Complete OTT/IPTV ecosystems
     o    Signal distribution and broadcasting over DVB-C/S/T/T2, IPTV, OTT and other delivery networks
     o    Contribution solutions
     o    Wireless data transmission solutions

·    Other solutions
     o    Biometric solutions
     o    Traffic control systems
     o    Digital cinema solutions
     o    Conference systems
     o    Military communication solutions
     o    Multimedia hospitality systems for offices, public spaces, hotels, hospitals

Each system is developed in close cooperation with the client, using our expertise to match the clients’ needs and budget. Developed either completely from scratch or through identifying best upgrade and integration path, every system is designed to optimize the workflows and improve production efficiency while reducing initial purchase and everyday operational costs.

Hannu Pro provide full range of services:
Consulting. Hannu Pro experts listen. We assess requirements and design solutions helping in client's adaptation to rapid technological changes in the audio/video production and data transmission domains.

Pre-project analysis. Client's needs and current state of existing infrastructure are closely analysed in order to assess requirements, provide comprehensive recommendations and propose a cost effective, reliable and future proof solution. Hannu Pro team acts a vendor agnostic consultant in order to deliver the best.

Workflow design. This includes a meticulous study of existing workflow, followed by selection and fine-tuning of appropriate technical solution. We study customers’ needs for each individual project to ensure that the system is tailored for the client.

System design. Our team elaborates a detailed proposal – implementation time plan, scope of work, responsibility matrix, block diagrams, layouts and budget – covering all aspects of the upcoming project. Hannu Pro has a proficient and flexible team of trained professionals combining it with our experience, we are able to solve the tasks, predicting potential workload and allocating additional capacity if necessary. This allows us to provide complete turnkey solutions and consulting ensuring effective operation and smooth delivery.

Specification development. Developed solution requirements are translated into equipment specifications in order to propose most competitive offer.

Detailed project plan. Once all equipment has been chosen and all vendor negotiations have been finalized, our team develops detailed implementation plan: low-level system schematics and wiring diagrams, cable lists and labelling, technical furniture drawings and room layouts. Project documentation is developed using dedicated planning software – VidCAD and AutoCAD,

Project management and implementation. Our professional in-house team - project managers, system designers, broadcast, IT and RF planning specialty engineers, and wiremen are working in constant contact with the client to ensure smooth project implementation. Relying on own resources allows Hannu Pro to deliver projects in shortest possible time, while keeping up to highest standards.

Testing, commissioning and acceptance. Our certified engineers carry out all necessary final adjustments to ensure smooth operation of all elements and commission deployed system. Hannu Pro engineers have received in-depth equipment setup and operation training, and certification from main vendors.

Training. Once the system is running smoothly, we transfer our knowledge to system users making sure they know all peculiarities and benefits of the delivered solutions in order to facilitate their day-to-day routine.

Warranty and post warranty support on 24/7 basis. depending on the client needs we can provide full range of after sales services:
·    Telephone support
·    On-site support
·    Preventive maintenance
·    Extended warranty
·    Advance spare part exchange
·    Update monitoring and implementation
·    Acting as main SLA provider covering multiple third-party agreements

Clients and partners highly appreciate our knowledge and experience - numerous awards acknowledgements prove that. In some cases, clients even decide to award us with full service contracts to make sure they can fully focus on their core business.

Hannu Pro main customer list includes: broadcasters (SES/Astra/Viasat, LVRTC, LRTC, Lattelecom, Levira, NURTS, B&B TV Communication, i-Media, Hannu Digital and others); television companies (MTG/TV3/LNT, ERR, JRTV, BTV, MTV, LNK, Lietuvos Rytas, PBK, LTV, LRT, Tallinn TV and many others); numerous production houses and independent producers.