Technical partner of the World Badminton Championships

Euro Media Sports: Technical partner for the World Badminton Championships

Euro Media Sports is proud to be associated with the Fédération Française de Badminton [French Badminton Federation] and with its consulting firm Keneo for the provision of coverage of the World Badminton Championships, which took place from 23 to 29 August at the Coubertin Stadium.

As in 2009, at the Yonex French Open, Euro Media Sports is accompanying the FFBa in order to provide a global television audience with video coverage of these World Championships. Pascal Bildstein, communications director for the event and of the FFBa, explains: “Badminton required the execution of images of an exceptional quality for an exceptional event. Our sport is really spectacular. In order to give it all of its scale and depth on screens throughout the world, the FFBa needed resources and people who could live up to this challenge. We are now happy that we have found a partner able to rise to the occasion of this global event.”

Chantal Barry, Chairwoman of Euro Media France and Bernard Chaussegros, her Deputy Chairman, expressed their satisfaction: “We are very happy to be associated with this international sporting event and to provide high performance and flexible resources which are adapted to a rapidly growing sport, which deserves to be seen by the largest possible number of people”.


Euro Media Sports is not only providing the resources necessary for image and sound shooting but is also deploying a dedicated team with unique expertise, professionalism and know-how. For 8 days, the World Badminton Championships will benefit from the knowledgeable advice of Euro Media Sports’ teams.

The World Championships was rebroadcasted live in over 25 countries to 650 million homes.

Euro Media Sports has already signed up for a new partnership with the FFBa, in order to provide image coverage for the Yonex French Badminton Open next November.