The newly developed XT[2]+ at the IBC in Johannesburg - 11 units are building up the FIFA MAX Server

Appointed as the Host Broadcaster for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa, HBS has decided to renew its successful collaboration with EVS for the supply of instant tapeless technology and support services during the production of this flagship event. EVS systems are in use at different levels of the host broadcast production operations, including the IBC and various OB facilities working at the venues for the live production of the 64 matches.

In South Africa no less than 350 servers and related content management systems are employed for various applications, such as the live broadcast of multi-camera recordings (up to 32 cameras for selected matches); live slow, super slow and ultra motion action replays; near-live timeline editing and highlights packages; browsing and media exchange solutions (referred to as the FIFA Max server that has been implemented by HBS and which offers online access to match content to HBS and broadcast production teams); offside line graphic overlays; live 3D productions.EVS systems are also being used by numerous broadcasters for their unilateral productions, such as SABC, BBC, ITV, Al Jazeera, ARD/ZDF, Sky Italia, TV2, Sogecable, TF1, TV2 Denmark, SVT and Channel One in Russia (just to name a few).