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SPORTELMonaco 2011: "Smart TV: Added Value for Sport?"

High definition is becoming the standard of sports broadcasts. Stereoscopic 3D TV will soon make them even more spectacular

Beautiful pictures and rich content on the same screen: bringing together TV and the Web will become real for the public through smart TV sets.Will the first steps of this revolutionary association provide a new opportunity for sports broadcasting?

Throughout the world TV is going digital rapidly. One after the other the old analog networks are being switched off. Viewers have never before adopted a new standard so rapidly. Thanks to digital TV the program offer is increasing and diversifying. High definition is becoming the standard of sports broadcasts. Stereoscopic TV -3D- will soon make them even more spectacular. However, in becoming digital, TV has not altered its nature. The way it operates continues. TV companies go on playing their role as intermediary between the content producers and the rights owners on the one hand and the viewers on the other.

At the same time, digital images have spread onto Internet platforms. In the beginning, the images were jerky, slow and small. Today videos on the web are watched more and more. The audiovisual contents are more and more widely used under different forms: VOD, catch up TV, specialized sites.

From now on, a "historical" encounter is declared between the traditional closed world of TV and the world of the open and global web. Manufacturers are introducing to the market the first Internet connected TV sets and the triple play operators develop more and more efficient Boxes.


The promise is two-fold: audiovisual content of the web will be viewable on the living room TV in the most comfortable conditions; regular programs will be enhanced by related information available on demand.The first alliances are being set up. The big Internet companies are at the forefront. TV channels are closing ranks to protect their economic model without knowing if it is really under threat.

What will be the consequences of this encounter? Will the freedom of choice of the viewers see a huge increase? Will new content platforms appear? Is TV in its usual form really under threat? How are rights owners getting prepared for this new perspective? What benefits can sport expect from this evolution?

These are the questions to be debated during the next International Symposium of SPORTELMonaco to be held on Tuesday, 11 October 2011.


Smart TV: Added Value for Sport?

Tuesday 11 October 2011, from 10.30 to 12.30 Auditorium Camille Blanc

Richard Bunn, President, RBI Network and Patrick Chêne, President, SPOREVER.

- Glwadys Epangue, Taekwando World Champion,
- Philippe Citroën, Managing Director, Sony France
- Chairman of SIMAVELEC,
- Philippe Levrier, Member of the French Ministerial Commission for the Connectable TV project,
- Timo Lumme, Director of Television and Marketing Services, on behalf of the IOC President,
- Michel Masquelier, Président IMG Worldwide Media,
- Denis Masseglia, President CNOSF (French National Olympic and Sports Committee),
- Christophe Muller, Partners Director, You Tube,
- Steve Nuttal, Principal at First Decide,
- Martin Rogard, General Manager France, Daily Motion.