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Sportcal - '20 Years in Sport'

In March 2011 Sportcal will be celebrating its first 20 years in sport.

Twenty years ago there was no internet and no e-mail. Mobile phones were the size of bricks and laptop computers were called 'luggables.' The first version of Sportcal was purely just a sports calendar, hence the name Sportcal. There was no news and no premium research products. It was developed on a Compaq 'luggable' with a 10-inch screen and 512K of memory and was distributed on 5.25 inch floppy disk by post to 100 people.

Today is very different

Today Sportcal distributes its news and information to over 18,000 sports industry executives from 200 countries every day.It constantly updates its news and information in real time and delivers the most comprehensive sports information service to the global sports industry from its offices in London and Switzerland.To celebrate this milestone Sportcal will be reflecting on 20 years in sport in its March issue of the Sportcal magazine and at a special event to be held in London on 11th May 2011.The special event will be entitled 20 Years of Sport and will be organized by Global Sports Link, a joint venture between Sportcal and innovision.

20 Years of Sport will briefly reflect on how issues and events in the sports industry in the last 20 years have brought Sportcal to where Sportcal is now, before going on to examine current trends and look forward to what the next 20 years might look like for sport.The format of the day will be focused on an open exchange of information and ideas through interviews, workshops and debates, with ample time for good networking opportunities.

With FIFA having recently selected the host countries of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, one workshop will look forward to the 2022 World Cup, considering the form that such a mega-event might take in 12 years' time (12 years ago Sportcal had just launched its first website and there was no Sportcal news service!).

Spaces will be limited for 20 Years of Sport, so if you are interested in contributing your views on what you think the future holds for sport, or in attending the event, then contact for more information on the event and to register.Sportcal will also be offering a select group of companies the opportunity to become Sportcal Partners for 2011 to celebrate 20 years in sport.


Sportcal '20 Years in Sport' Partners

Sportcal will offer a limited number of unique Platinum Partner positions with branding throughout the Sportcal range of services and events.Platinum Partners will be presented throughout the Sportcal website and Sportcal publications and will be Presenting Partners at the 20 Years of Sport event.

Gold, Silver and Bronze partner positions will also be offered, enabling partners to promote their brands and services to the global sports industry.

Further announcements regarding the 20 Years of Sport event and other activities in 2011 will be announced in the near future.

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