Panorama Relies on Orad’s Virtual Enhancements for Kazan University Games Broadcast


Orad Hi-Tec Systems announced today that Panorama, Russia’s largest unified facility company, chose Orad sports enhancement solutions to cover the 2013 Kazan University Games.

Orad solutions enabled Panorama to display a wide range of on-field, live graphic enhancements including: virtual flags, world record line for swimming and track & field sports, distance measurements, game analysis and more.  Integrated with the clocking system, Orad delivered timely and highly accurate information in a stunning visual format that was appealing to viewers. In recognition, Panorama will be presenting Orad with a commemorative plaque at IBC2013 to thank them for their contribution to the preparation and production of the Kazan 2013 University Games broadcast.

In addition to the Kazan University games coverage, Panorama will utilize the Orad solution to facilitate graphics and live analysis for their other Russian sports coverage.

"The chosen systems were carefully scrutinized by our team of experts who tested the Orad systems in their intended venues – swimming pools, sports stadiums, etc., ensuring they operate precisely as we want under all possible constraints and conditions," stated Mr. Vasily Kiknadze, General Director of Panorama.


Orad's Invictus, which provided Panorama with data-driven graphic enhancements, was used extensively at the Kazan Games, adding virtual lines, flags, virtual winners and other informative and entertaining graphics to swimming, long jumps, Javelin and running events. Invictus was used in two separate modes of operation, sensor head and image-based, providing Panorama added flexibility during the live productions.  The data was updated in real time, and the virtual runner and flags were displayed automatically by a 3rd party timing service. In addition, Panorama relied on Orad’s MVP sports enhancement system to provide dedicated tennis enhancement such as: bird’s eye view of the match, flow motion and more.

ANO Panorama HD OBVan Fleet for the Kazan Universiade


The Orad TrackVision virtual enhancement tools were used for Panorama’s football coverage. Viewers were able to see offside lines from a top view, logos and scores, distance to goal, 9 meter lines, etc.

All Orad Sports solutions can be used under any weather condition and for any sports event.
Panorama approached Orad and its Russian distributor Qualitron because of their excellent reputation in the field of special event sports broadcasts.

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