Panorama Goes for Gold with Orad at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games


Panorama, Russia’s largest facility company has chosen Orad enterprise graphic and sports solutions to cover the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. The graphics and live analysis production workflow features Orad’s MVP Emmy Award Winning sports enhancement solution and PlayMaker slow motion video sports server.

Panorama are using Orad's MVP and PlayMaker primarily for their coverage of hockey, figure skating, bobsleigh, and curling. MVP is used in hockey, for example, to analyze the games' strategy, whereas in figure skating it is used to count how many rotations the skater spins/jumps. In curling, MVP provides viewers with a bird's eye view of the match for a unique perspective. The bobsleigh event will be enhanced with MVP's difference maker feature, enabling viewers to easily compare the technique and movement of different races by presenting them together as if the two events happened simultaneously.

All Orad Sports solutions can be used under any weather condition and for any sports event.

“Thanks to our successful performance in the Kazan University Games, we chose to continue using Orad’s graphic and sports enhancement solutions for such a major sporting event like the Winter Olympics” ; CEO Vasily Kiknadze said.

Panorama approached Orad, and its Russian distributor Qualitron, because of their excellent reputation in the field of special event sports broadcasts.


ANO Sports Broadcasting (Panorama) is a Russian TV production company that boasts cutting-edge professional equipment and a dedicated team of highly qualified experts. Panorama has vast experience in broadcasting sports, political and cultural events both in Russia and abroad.
Sports Broadcasting (Panorama) was founded as an autonomous non-profit organisation by OJSC Channel One, FGUP VGTRK, OJSC NTV-PLUS and the RIA Novosti news agency

The Olympic Games bring people, cultures and continents closer together and promote the Olympic values of excellence, respect and friendship. Millions of fans will attend the Games, while billions will join them as TV audience. Commissioned by the IOC, the Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) will produce the international signal. Panorama will produce the national Olympic feed focusing on performances by Russian athletes for Russian broadcasters.
During the Sochi Games, the national signal (content) will transport the Russian viewers to trackside to see the faces of athletes and coaches at key moments, to watch brief interviews with them prior to and after the event, to feel the emotions in the stands, to support our Olympians and rejoice over their achievements.


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