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More programmes, on more media for Europeans Delivered by the EBU

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games

The opening of Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter games tomorrow is a fitting way to celebrate the EBU’s 60th birthday. The EBU has always recognized sports’ importance to audiences. With this event we will ensure access for more Europeans to more programmes across more media than ever.

The EBU’s Common Broadband Platform

"We look forward to delivering more sport than ever before from Vancouver to Europe and beyond,” said Ingrid Deltenre, Director General, EBU. She added, “By providing broadcasters with standard and high definition pictures and audio, for television, radio and new media, our serviceswill ensure that audiences won’t miss a minute of the excitement anytime, or anywhere in Europe.”

The EBU acquired the rights to the games for its territories*** and will ensure their delivery using the Eurovision network to 46 rights holders. European broadcasters will produce more than 8,000 hours of programming across all media, 61 TV channels, 17 radio channels and 40 websites.

The EBU’s Common Broadband Platform is available to viewers right across Europe, so that a Swede living in Switzerland will be able to watch the Swedish broadcaster’s coverage of his favourite sport from his PC.

The video portal aggregates over 30 EBU Member broadcasters’ programmes, 6 EBU channels and a 24/7 Olympic News Channel showing more than 3,000 hours of live event coverage.

The site will for the first time distribute a selected number of events online in High Definition. Live video streams will be available at a higher definition (1280x720p) providing a compelling online viewing experience.