MOOV and MST SYSTEMS at the 2011 Open Championship

Live golf coverage demands perhaps the most diverse assortment of graphics

Chyron announced thatMOOV Limited and MST SYSTEMS Ltd, are using seven HyperX3on-air graphics systems to support the BBC's live coverage of the OpenChampionship, July 14-17 at the Royal St. George's Golf Club in Sandwich, Kent, England. Using the same workflow implemented at the Scottish Open, MOOV and MSTSYSTEMS are working together to provide presentation graphics for studiocoverage and live scoring graphics throughout the golf tournament.

"Live golf coveragedemands perhaps the most diverse assortment of graphics, and this challenge iscompounded by the high and constant volume of data being generated," saidDuncan Foot, managing director at MOOV Limited, provider of data-drivengraphics for live sports and entertainment broadcasts. "This year werelied solely on Chyron's HyperX3 on-air graphics systems, which notonly provided us with the power required for rich 3D graphics, but also offeredthe flexibility and interoperability necessary for our partner, MSTSYSTEMS, to bring a variety of data into those graphics in real time. MSTSYSTEMS' ability to work quickly and confidently with the Chyron platformseliminated the need to rebuild and recheck all our graphics, which in turn madefor a much simpler and more pleasant tournament."

MOOV and MST SYSTEMSconfirmed their Chyron-based graphics workflow at the Scottish Open prior toimplementation for the larger Open Championship. Within this workflow, MOOVcreated the network's graphics package and MST SYSTEMS turned thosegraphics into templates populating them with data ranging from scores,statistics, and standings, ensuring rapid time to air with Chyron HyperX3systems.

MST SYSTEMS' familiarity with theHyperX3 allowed the company to turn around graphics templates withinjust 24 hours. During the tournament, MOOV also used the HyperX3systems to air headline sequences in which live video from a critical drive,putt, or other stroke were shown with a full-screen graphic in real timewithout requiring rendering.


"Chyron HyperX3and HyperX3.1 on-air graphics systems are future-proof solutionsthat not only provide the power we need at an attractive price point, but alsointerface well with our own software to support delivery of high-impactdata-rich graphics," said Stuart Paterson-Browne, software developmentmanager at MST SYSTEMS. "The integrated system combining oursoftware with HyperX systems has performed perfectly in all recent events, andwe plan to move all of our graphics facilities, including all European Tour,Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup, and World Touring Car Championship graphics, over toChyron systems within the next two years."

MOOV has become the graphics company of choice for leading broadcasters including BBC, ESPN, AI Jazeera, RTE, ITV, Sky Italia, and Channel 4. MST SYSTEMS has provided graphics and scoring facilities at six Ryder Cups, 11 Open Championships, and more than 1,000 other golf tournaments for the European Tour, Asian Tour, OneAsia tour, China Tour, and the LPGA. Going forward, MOOV and MST SYSTEMS plan to leverage their proven graphics workflow and Chyron systems not only for golf, but also for coverage of other high-profile events such as the 2012 Summer Games in London.