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Mediator Servicing S.A. - Newly created EBU subsidiary

The creation of Mediator Servicing SA by the EBU follows on from the joint announcement made by UEFA and the EBU on 23 September

Mediator Servicing S.A. is an independent EBU subsidiary fully dedicated to the UEFA EURO 2012™ project and will act as UEFA’s exclusive agent for marketing UEFA EURO 2012™ media rights in the following seven territories: Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Portugal (Pay TV rights have been granted to Sport TV in this territory by UEFA), and Slovakia. In addition, the company will be responsible for fulfilling certain servicing obligations to UEFA in respect of UEFA EURO 2012™ broadcast partners in selected European markets.

The creation of Mediator Servicing S.A by the EBU follows on from the joint announcement made by UEFA and the EBU on 23 September 2009 stating that both organisations would cooperate closely to identify and select the best sales approach in these 7 territories. As a result of an open tender procedure in 2009, the EBU acquired the rights for the UEFA proposed initial package of 36 countries and concluded agreements with its Members in 29 territories. The rights in the remaining 7 countries will now be marketed by Mediator Servicing S.A. on UEFA’s behalf.

In line with UEFA’s sales strategy, the media rights for UEFA EURO 2012™ will be offered on a platform-neutral basis in order to reflect the convergence of media technology and to offer media content distributors the opportunity to exploit UEFA EURO 2012™ across multiple platforms. Mediator Servicing S.A. will shortly commence the sales process in the above listed territories. Media content distributors in the respective territories will be asked to express and register their interest in acquiring media rights for UEFA EURO 2012™ by contacting Mediator Servicing S.A., at the following email address: [email protected]


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