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MEDIA BROADCAST is Broadcasting the African Football Tournament

MEDIA BROADCAST is broadcasting the African football tournament - 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ - to the whole world.For the 2010 World Cup, MEDIA BROADCAST, together with local partners, is realising the TV broadcasts in South Africa and is also sending some of these broadcasts to other countries. To do this, all the matches in South Africa are being transmitted to the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) over one of the advanced IP platforms planned and realised by MEDIA BROADCAST

The IBC in the southwest of Johannesburg is the technical focal point of the global match broadcasts. This is where the signals from all ten World Cup stadiums are received, processed and then sent via fibre optic cable in HDTV (High Definition Television) to numerous countries. The rights holder places the highest value on signals of the first order and on their reliable transmission.

MEDIA BROADCAST ensures that the high-resolution TV signals from the venues arrive at the IBC. To that end, the nationwide fibre optic network with a total length of several thousand kilometres was developed for large amounts of data and high transmission rates in advance of the football mega-event by Telkom SA. The highest possible reliability is of primary concern. The concept of MEDIA BROADCAST for this, therefore, was that the IBC and all stadiums would each be connected via two separate and independently laid out transmission paths.

And, if all the cables go on strike: Live soccer via satellite

If in the highly unlikely event that both cables are damaged, an additional back-up solution stands at the ready to jump in within a few milliseconds. Then the signals are transmitted via satellite to the IBC. Therefore every stadium has a satellite system available as a permanent uplink to the satellite. The reception at the IBC in Johannesburg is then carried via satellite downlink.

Live reports from training camps and event locations: Five SNG vehicles and a so-called “rescue” vehicle will be on the road during the World Cup in South Africa to capture images and emotions for German television. Thus, an SNG, for example, is accompanying the German national team venue to venue over the entire period of the World Cup for ARD and ZDF exclusively.


MEDIA BROADCAST Services for World Cup in South Africa

• Video-/audio-feed network between all stadiums and the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) in Johannesburg in co-operation with Telkom SA.
• International video/audio feed from IBC Johannesburg via submarine cables along the east and west of Africa to Frankfurt and Paris.
• Clients: ARD / ZDF, RTL, ORF, HBS, SRG, SmartJog, GlobeCast, Intelsat (OTI), Aldeavision, German Telekom AG (CCTV & Sky Perfect), Genesis Networks.
• 2 HD SNG backups for ARD/ZDF in IBC Johannesburg and in the Johannesburg headquarters of the German national team in Centurion (Pretoria).
• 3 HD SNG with production and one mobile rescue vehicle are on the road in South Africa for additional reports on behalf of ARD/ZDF.
• Space segment for ARD / ZDF.
• C-band backup antenna for HBS (IBC downlink for the satellite backup network from all stadiums)