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LiberoVision: Unique 3D analysis tools for sports broadcasts

The Viewer becomes Part of the Game

LiberoVision DiscoverEye provides eye-catching, realistically looking 3D replays and advanced virtual tools for sports broadcasts. Based on the existing TV images only, DiscoverEye can generate arbitrary virtual camera images in near pixel-perfect quality: All players look the same as in the real camera images, and smooth transitions between the real and virtual perspectives provide a unique experience. The computer generated, but realistic perspectives of DiscoverEye convey the sense among viewers that they are actually on the field with the players and “in the game”.
The system is available for soccer, American football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and rugby.
Besides the LiberoVision System, no additional hardware is needed in the stadium (e.g. no calibration heads).


With the player relocation & remove feature, “what if...“-analyses become reality by moving players freely on the field or even removing players to focus the audience.
In 3D replays, automatic offside lines can be integrated into the scene: Due to integrated Football rules, they are placed automatically at the right location on the field and respond to changes done interactively on the player positions.

Fly Onto Offside Line



With its patent-pending image analysis technology, DiscoverEye allows the editor to place virtual elements continuously and perspectively correct on the field during an analysis replay of a key play. With this, analysts can show the evolution of game-deciding plays using tied-to-field arrows, lines, or areas, including correct blending in the scene using the embedded chroma-keyer. Furthermore, automatic and continuous distance measurements can be used to enhance the viewer’s understanding of the magic of the play.

Interactive Telestrator: Area Tool - Distance Tool - Beam Tool



Every object on the field can be tracked and visualized: the players, the ball, or the referees. Naturally, the graphic elements can also be visualized perspectively correct, tied-to-field and with correct blending using the technology of the tracked telestrator.

Interactive Telestrator: Move Tool - Player Speed - Track and Mark Tool



Standard 3D Tools: Player markings, 3D arrows, 3D lines, 3D areas, adaptable magnifier, free-form drawings.
Extended 3D Tools: Player relocation/move, player deletion, automatic distance measurements in 3D, axis-aligned 3D areas, player viewing cone, player highlight beam.
Sports-specific tools (Soccer): Automatic offside line, distance circle.
Overlays: 2D graphics as overlays over the image of the entire scene.

Interactive Telestrator Screen Shot



One Camera
For the tracked telestrator and the object tracking in 2D+ mode, only one camera perspective of the scene is necessary. All information required for the annotations is inferred from one camera stream

Two Cameras
For annotations and camera flights in 3D, i.e. for changes of the camera perspective, two cameras are necessary. The information for generating 3D flights can either be computed from two synchronized camera streams or from the game camera and a replay.

System Integration


Libero Vision