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Libero Offside released - Takeoff at AFC Asian Cup 2011

Libero Offside at the AFC Asian Cup 2011

LiberoVision has released Libero Offside, the latest addition to the Libero family. It satisfies the desire of broadcasters to have LiberoVision 3D analyses ready within seconds after the action.

With Libero Offside it is now possible to see an instant replay of the offside situation out of the eyes of the linesman. Based on LiberoVision's patented 3D technology, a smooth camera flight brings the viewer from the real stadium camera to the unique and conclusive offside line camera.

The first broadcaster to show Libero Offside in its football live coverage is Al Dawri & Al Kass Sport Channel. As host broadcaster of the AFC Asian Cup 2011 in Qatar (January 7-29, 2011), they will be the first station worldwide to show LiberoVision's 3D offside replays on air.


About LiberoVision

LiberoVision is the global leader for 3D virtual sports enhancements. Based on existing TV images only, Libero Highlight and Libero Offside generate the perfect perspective for analysing interesting or controversial scenes. The vision is to provide sports fans with unlimited insights into sport games. Libero Highlight is available for football, American football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, and rugby. Libero Offside provides 3D offside analyses within few seconds for in-game football analysis. Broadcasters around the world such as ESPN, NBC, Canal+, BBC, ZDF, Sky Italia, or Televisa enhance their program with products of the Swiss-based company.

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