Keeping Things Under Control

The PCR, keeping an eye on all incoming and outgoing content - The Production Control Room sits on the FIFA World Cup Plaza

Despite all the screens showing the matches there is little time to enjoy the finer points of the FIFA World Cup™ action when you are working in the Production Control Room (PCR). Instead the focus is on overseeing the distribution of incoming and outgoing feeds as well as ensuring the smooth flow of material exchange inside the IBC.

“The PCR receives all the multilateral feeds from the venues, which are then used to create the EBIF and Permanent Highlights feeds, which are distributed through the MCR to MRLs,” explained Julian Bennett, PCR Supervisor.

“We also manage the FIFA MAX Server, which requires constant attention to ensure all media is ingested and published.”

The many screens of the IBC carrying feeds from two of the venues on the fifth day of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil


Other duties of PCR staff include checking that the player profile material used to create the line-ups for each match is good for insertion and creating the countdown slates for the EBIF Show.

The MRL Content Exchange also keeps the PCR busy. The Content Exchange Managers bring MRL content to the PCR where it is ingested into the FIFA MAX server, ready for sharing with other MRLs.

In-between all of that there is just occasionally a moment for PCR staff to savour the football flashing past before their eyes…