KBS Launched New HD OB Truck

New HD OB Truck Fully Equipped with EVS Systems for IAAF World Championships in Daegu

Korean national broadcasting company KBS confirmed its commitment in EVS, a leading manufacturer of live broadcast production systems. The network used EVS’ new High Definition Outside Broadcast mobile unit for last August’s production of the 2011 IAAF World Championships in Daegu.

The new OB (Outside Broadcast) truck facility was supplied by German integrator Broadcast Solutions. From the early project stages, KBS required the OB facility to be equipped with EVS’ technology for all live replay, slow motion and fast highlights editing operations. The OB truck included five new HD XT series servers controlled by LSM remote control as well as IPDirector content management systems for clipping and media transfer operations. In addition, the OB unit was equipped with XF2 removable storage systems for production backup and physical import on disks for studio facilities.

The new HD mobile facility was successfully introduced for the IAAF World Championships in Daegu last August. Being the event’s host broadcaster, KBS was responsible for producing the international signal in High Definition. Once again, KBS opted for EVS’ production technology to cover this prestigious event. Several OB were equipped with EVS’ XT series servers and integrative control systems. The hub of International Broadcast Centre came with a multilateral production infrastructure for ingesting multiple feeds, media browsing and production exchange, highlights package creation as well as archive preparation. In total, over 40 EVS production servers were deployed to produce this World class event.


Mr. Cho from KBS comments that “employing EVS’ equipment was a strategic choice for a major event like the IAAF World Championships.”  He is pleased with the fact that “EVS operators are always available to provide excellent live technical service which go beyond expectations.”

HD XT series servers controlled by LSM remote control