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HD On-board Cameras - The Way Forward

HD On-board Camera

On-board camera systems have come a long way in the past 25 years thanks to enormous advances in camera technology. Likewise, the advent of digital microwave links has tranformed the way POV and other images are transmitted and received. The next big step is the transition to HD and, yet again, Gigawave is leading the way.

Designed for installation in GT cars

Traditionally, Gigawave have specialised in the design and manufacture of the RF aspect of on-board camera systems but have recently developed their own HD camera specially designed for installation in GT cars. Attached to the roll-cage, the camera provides viewers with the drivers POV (point of view). However, Gigawave engineers have mounted the same camera on a remotely controlled pan and tilt head.

Mounted where the passenger would normally sit, the camera can be used to provide shots of the car's interior and the driver. It can also be used to overtaking manouvers and other shots involving other cars.

Exhaustively tested

According the Gigawave Chairman, Henry Barczynski, "We developed the camera as part of our ongoing development programme after we found we could not purchase a commercially available product that would do what we wanted to do."

The new HD camera was exhaustively tested last season together with Gigawave's latest digital HD microwave links and is ready for the start of the 2010 season. The next challenge for Gigawave engineers is a 3D version of their on-board camera!