FIFA MAX Server - Footage at Your Fingertips

250 terabytes of storage available on the FIFA MAX Server (approx. 3,500 hours of footage

Of all the broadcast solutions available to MRLs at the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, one of the most powerful is the FIFA MAX (Media Asset Exchange) Server, which provides its users with the opportunity to access tournament-related footage from a dedicated library. The FIFA MAX Server is built on the foundation of the Media Server, which was unveiled to great ac­claim during the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ in Germany, but has been significantly ex­panded and refined in response to tech­nological developments as well as to the extended production plan for this year’s tournament, which includes far more non-match footage than ever before.

Material is uploaded and logged onto the Server by a specialised team of HBS operators; users are then able to search the system via dedicated browsing stations and transfer the material into their own system for their specific programming requirements. There are 120 browsing stations spread between MRL and HBS Production premises throughout the IBC; a fully integrated workflow be­tween EVS and Apple systems has been achieved, as well as a single format allow for a smoother transmission process and quicker availability of footage to users.

Among other improvements, all FIFA MAX footage is available in HD (2006 content was SD only), and the total number of possible users has been significantly increased (bookings were closed prior to the FIFA WBM2 in December). But perhaps the most important innovation is the possibility of off-site access to the Server via web servers in Paris and Los Angeles; off-site users will be able to browse low-resolution video previews and download the high-resolution file through a specific (due to technical limitations only a limited amount of footage will be available via off-site access, all of it non-match).

As Jörg Sander, HBS Project Manager for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, put it: “The FIFA MAX Server is the culmination of FIFA and HBS’ efforts to maximise access to 2010 FIFA World Cup™ footage amongst all broadcasters, within and outside of the IBC.”

The FIFA MAX Server went online om 3rd June. Though only a limited amount of content is cur­rently available more footage will be added daily; feeds and material available on the FIFA MAX Server will include (but will not be limited to):

• Match feeds
• EBIF Show features
• Titles and stings
• FIFA TV ENG material, player/coach in­terviews, training ground material
• Match Day -1 team training sessions and press conferences